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Gabriela Perez

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of LEPINA LAW!!

its a comprehensive law approved by the state to protection of childhood and adolescence. purpuse is to ensure the full exercise and enjoyment of rights by facilitating the fulfillment of the duties of children and adolescents in El Salvador.
Conseiller en ameublement
2 ans de vente,
de conseils,
de formation,
de sourires,
mais aussi d'angoisse d'objectif !
Vente "accompagnée" de ces ouvrages dans
les immeubles de la banlieue lyonnaise.
Hachette et la collection "Tout l'univers"
Conseiller en ameublement
2 ans de vente,
de conseils,
de formation,
de sourires,
mais aussi d'angoisse d'objectif !
Responsable commercial Drôme
pour la division Bâtiment.
Vente, propspection, fidélisation, travail en équipe au sein d'un groupe international.
Promis à un bel avenir, ma première fracture rugbystique a mis un terme à cette évolution!
Définition de stratégie de communication
interne et externe.
Création de support de communication :
plaquettes, flyers ; organisation et animation de salons événementiels
Mise en place d’actions marketing pour le développement de l’image de marque
Analyse, définition des besoins,
élaboration cahier des charges en développement web
Coordination de projets web ; création et administration de sites internet ; mise en place de solutions open source
Partage de connaissances et accompagnement à la motivation et à l’évolution professionnelle
Piloter, évaluer les performances et les compétences ; mise en place de plannings stratégiques et d’objectifs
Animation de réunions et gestion de situation de conflit ; Gestion d’équipe à l’étranger
What is the problem when teachers are not familiar with this law?
Définition de postes et recrutement
entretien d’évaluation et
élaboration de plan de formation
Accompagnement à la mise en place
de la stratégie RH de l’entreprise
Ecoute et définition des besoins clients ;
Rédaction de propositions et cahiers des charges.
Négociation, persuasion, fidélisation et conseil
Création d’entreprise, négociations bancaires
définition de business plan, élaboration de stratégie…
LEPINA law in El Salvador
on March, 2009
Principal Purpose!!!
How does LEPINA
contribute to education?
How you see education after 10 years applying this law?
What is it about?
thanks for watching!!
How does it affect in education?
Article 9 -. Principle of primary and fundamental role of the family

its primary and predominant role in educating and training them. Parents have a prior right to choose the education of their children.
For teachers!!
protect the integrity of children and adolezcent recognizing their rights
*allows students have an integral education.
*to avoid any abuse from parents, teachers and society toward the children and adolescents .
*to provide children and adolescents equal conditions with no discrimination.
LEPINA law has had great impact in the educational system of our society. Teachers are limited to have certain authority in the classroom, because some students take advangtage of this law, they try to manipulate teachers by saying false accusations, they don´t respect teachers, as time ago because they know that the law proctect them
children can be proctected of any abuse or bad-threating from any person who really wants to hurt or prohibit the right to study.
Nowadays, in our El Salvador, most of children are so vulnerable to be abused from part of knowns, friends and even families.
disrespectful students!!!
some students
take advantage!!
teacher can lose their jobs, fined and even go to prision
Teachers can lose their jobs,
fined and even
go to prision.
As teachers we have to infom us about what is this law, how works and how is apply in education. Otherwise teachers can fall in troubles.

It would be depend of everyone, the goverment,the families, teachers, students in fact al the society. If they contribute to maintain and respect the law in the correct way, in the future, LEPINA law will have better results in the educational system of our children and adolescents. but if this law doesn´t apply it in the correct way; the relation and communication between teachers, students and parents could be worse than now. Teachers wouldn´t correct students behaviors because they will be limited by student' control , it will be difficult to discipline them. Students wil manipulate teachers work, and they won´t respect teachers as before.

*Read and investigate more about what is LEPINA law, especially what means a violence to this law, how it´s applied in the education and what you should do and what shouldn't to correct students and avoid problems.

* Inform and look for ways about how you can o correct or discipline students.
*it´s important to look for assesors or even you can look someone, as the director that can support you in discipline problems with your students.

*let know parents about their children behavior, in some cases could be successful .
*Before punish a student, take caution, especially with problematic students.
*with these recommendations you can avoid many problems in the future.

My recommendations!!
more infor..
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