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PowerApp #69: Create a simple PowerApp

No description

Peter Heffner

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of PowerApp #69: Create a simple PowerApp

Creating an App
based on Excel

How to create a simple app based on an Excel-file locatd at OneDrive.
Based on an Excel-Sheet with a table...

...we create an App
to search countries
and display the details
Create a New App
Select the Excel file
In this example our Excel file with the table is stored on OneDrive.
1) Select the location on OneDrive
2) Select the Excel file
Select the table
Next select the table in the Excel file,
and connect
The App is created
3 Screens
Save the App
Since there is no autosave, it is recommended to save the app every now and then.
Give it a nice look
There are countless options to modify your app (colour, border, images,...)
Here are some basic modifications....
First we give the browse screen a simple layout
Modify the text field
Here the [area] is displayed, which is not very useful to search for a country.
Highlight the text field and select "Country" in the [Options] menu.
Add another text field
We also want to see the "Region" where the country is located.
Very similar as in the previous step, we chose "Region" instead of Country.
Modify text
Double click on the title and change it:
Modify the HintText
Give it a try!
The HintText can also be modified
Once the modifications are done, we can start the App in the browser:
Start typing...
As we type the result is updated.
A click on ">" shows the details...

The "DetailScreen" is modified in a similar way.

Change alignment, font size, borders, fill area, and much more.
Please find here an overview of all available Presentations:
More Tutorials
By default it comes with 3 screen for browse, details and edit the list
Thank you for watching!
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