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Your Keys to a Successful School Year

No description

Ashley Furgione

on 19 August 2018

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Transcript of Your Keys to a Successful School Year

Important Paperwork!
The Matrix of Infractions & Consequences
Car Ramp Procedures:
Morning drop off – on the car ramp
Afternoon pick up – on the car ramp
(There's a pattern here, when in doubt in getting to and from school just remember the car ramp!)

Schedule Changes
are available in media center
Guidance is unavailable
the first couple of weeks unless you are missing a class

Schedule request forms must be signed by your parents

Your Safety Comes First:

In the unlikely event of an emergency requiring us to lock down the school please
remain calm and quiet
following all directions from the nearest staff member.

No need to text or call parents, we'll do that for you as soon as it's safe.

Defines the responsibilities and rights of students
Defines the rules of conduct and the behavioral expectations for students
Establishes the consequences for violations of the rules of conduct
Describes the procedures for processing disciplinary violations
You can find the Conduct and Discipline Code book under the Students tab on the SCPS website



Thank you!
: JHMS Security Card
Health Service Card
Code of Conduct Acknowledgment
Free/Reduced Lunch Application (online but paper copies can be retrieved from cafeteria manager)
School Insurance of Florida Form

Your keys to a successful year!
Start the year on the right foot and note these important items you'll need somewhere.

Make sure that you
know your bus number
before the end of the day.
Check with Mr. Pierre at lunch if you do not know your bus number.
Buses drop off and pick up in the same location.
check the bus boards
for the location of your bus each afternoon.

What NOT to do to get ahead of the car line.
All lunches are 30 minutes
No backpacks are allowed in the lunch lines
Restrooms for lunches are located in building 2, near the stairs
Remain in the cafeteria or on the concourse

The Student Handbook found on our JHMS
website includes:
Vision/Mission Statement
School Handbook
Emergency Procedures
School Calendar

Take a moment to write down where you can find our JHMS Student Handbook and other important information:

Don’t forget to return your forms or complete them online signature page!

Write down a reminder!
Responsible Students Make a Difference!
attend school regularly
treat others with respect
treat school property and the property of others with respect
respect the privacy of others
submit original work
have in their possession only those items allowed by law and/or School Board rules or policies
listen courteously to the opinions and points of view of others
come to class with all necessary materials and be prepared to learn
take advantage of their learning opportunities
report hazardous or dangerous situations to an adult in authority
report threats to do harm to an adult in authority

They're just AWESOME!- So be one!
a safe and orderly environment in which to learn;
be treated with dignity and respect
reasonably express opinions and personal points of view
peaceably assemble
be secure in their personal privacy
limit access to their student records
be informed of the rules of conduct
and reasonable and fair treatment.

All Students have the right to....
The Matrix of Infractions and Consequences specifically identifies prohibited student conduct and lists the range of consequences that may be imposed for each infraction.
Notify nearest staff member
Statement forms are in the discipline office
Contact the Speak Out Hotline (anonymous)
Online: www.speakouthotline.org
Call: 800.423.TIPS
Text: speakout plus your tip information to CRIMES (274637)
P3 Campus App
can also help!
We have an anonymous box for reporting in the media center.

What if you have a problem?
Bullying - repeated and documented
Classroom disruption
Electronic device misuse

Student conduct, which is considered to be a violation of the Student Conduct & Discipline Code is described within your handbook. Some important definition of the following words can be found there:
Jackson Heights Middle School is committed to providing the best possible education for you. In order to continue with this goal, it is important to have a dress code that promotes a non-distracting, nonviolent, and non-harmful atmosphere on campus.

Skirts must not be shorter than mid thigh
Shorts - bottom of the shorts should reach at least the bottom of your longest fingertip when arms are at your side

Clothing with holes revealing inappropriate parts of the body and/or above the dress code line for shorts
Rip/tears above mid-thigh that expose skin or undergarments
Drooping pants or shorts
Spaghetti strap shirts or low-cut tops
All shirts must have sleeves or a collar
Hats or hoods
Any item that is distracting to the educational environment of the school

Avoid being
"that" guy
or "that" girl
SUSPENSION & Expulsion:
Suspension is the temporary removal of a student from a class, all classes or from a student’s zoned school and all district schools and school or school board sponsored activities, except as authorized by a student’s principal for a prescribed period of time, not to exceed ten (10) school days at any one time.

Expulsion is the severest penalty the School Board may impose for a violation of the Student Conduct and Discipline Code.

Expulsion is the removal of the right and obligation of a student to attend public school for a specified period of time

Teachers Note: You don't like suspensions or expulsions where you have to do work without our help nearby and either do we. Be responsible and keep the code of conduct in mind and we'll all have a great year!
Regular attendance provides students the opportunity to acquire specific skills, and meet course goals/objectives

SCPS has adopted attendance policies that outline what qualifies as an excused absence and unexcused absence, and provide guidelines for the make up of work missed due to an absence.

The following are offenses from the Discipline and Conduct Code for which there is zero tolerance, meaning
JHMS must automatically notify law enforcement & Recommend expulsion

Bringing, or possessing a firearm or weapon, to school, to any school function, or onto any school-sponsored transportation.

Making a threat or false report, involving a school or school personnel’s property, school transportation, or a school sponsored activity.

Citizenship Standards:
SCPS expects a higher standard of excellence from students involved in school sponsored extra-curricular activities

Standard of behavior should be one that exhibits
, and

We know you'll help make this year a GREAT one!
Reporting a Student Grievance:

A student (or his/her parent on the student’s behalf) can lodge a formal complaint about alleged discrimination or harassment at school or during a school-sponsored activity. The student should file a written complaint with his or her school counselor, building principal, or the District Equity Administrator.
* On our website you will see that Student Passwords for all STUDENT ACCOUNTS (eCampus, Office365, etc.) remains the same as last year. If you forget your password, your teacher is able to reset it to the original format of each user’s birthday
You'll be prompted to choose a new password the first time you log on. Further information may be found on
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