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Was Hitler a Terrorist ?

No description

Johnny Colon

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Was Hitler a Terrorist ?

Hitlers Objective
Interview with Natan Gipsman
The symbol that inspired millions of German people to hurt Jews.
Was Hitler a Terrorist ?
Does Hitler count as a Terrorist or was he a German Hero ?
He was a Terrorist
Hitler was a Terrorist because he used Terrorist acts to get his point across.
His terrorist acts led to the worlds largest massacre. Hitlers goal was to exterminate all the Jewish people.
Hitlers Objective was to exterminate all Jewish people. To accomplish this Objective he committed a lot of Terrorist acts in order to obtain power. He persuaded a lot of German people an made the German army stronger.
Hitler savage ways
Hitler was one of the most fearsome dictators of all time he started the Holocaust because he blamed the Jews for how Germany was during that time period (Holocaust).
Hitlers Death
Adolf Hitler was born April 20 1889 and died April 30 1945 . Hitler killed himself because he knew he was going to lose. That was an end to a century of killing innocent Jews. That is why Hitler is considered a Terrorist.
Hitler Terrorist or not?
" To Forget the dead would be asking to killing them a second time''
'' I shall remember that smile.
From what world did it come from''
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