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Number the Stars

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Number the Stars

Number the Stars
By: Lois Lowry
This book is about a girl called Annmarie that lives in Denmark. Her country is taken over by the German soldiers. This story is happening during World War II. Annmarie's best friend is a Jewish. Right like her parents she is in danger. She has to help her to get to Sweden safely by the sea. During this Annmarie's uncle has a plan.

The plan is to take them in a boat to Sweden. The bad part is that the German soldiers are checking in every boat very carefully with dogs with them. Annmarie's uncle is a fisherman. And they have a plan to not let the dog smells anything.

Luckly they made it to Sweden. And after 5 years the war ended and the Jewish were free from the Nazi.
This happened during world War II
The story takes place at Denmark. It is
in Europe.
Then at the end Annmarie and her best friend got to see again
I would not change the ending because it is really
well writting and it is very insperating. Because it makes you feel that even an ordinary person can trick to the most powerful person in the world. So
in conclusion I would not change it.
Would you change the ending?
I would indentify with krissti
I would indentify with her because she is really good at making every thing up when she is in trouble. Just like she did in the city when the soldiers stop her with her sister Annmarie and her friend. Also because I'm really good at trying to make every thing makes sence when I get in trouble.
I will recomend this book because it is very isparing that even a normal person can defet the srtonger one.

Executed killed
Raid a surprise attack
Warily on guard
Devastating extremly destructive
Rhythmic to have rhithimic recurring with regularitie
Footstool a low stool for the feet
Hastily to do something really fast
Snort A rought noise caused when you brith
Propped a object that helps a stracture to keep in it of falling
Concealed not let be seen
4 character
Uncle Henrice
The End

By: Miguel
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