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China Period 4

No description

Emily Tully

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of China Period 4

Research Question
Spiritual Activity
Intellectual Activity
Ancient China
Control Over Nature
Taking control of nature
Farmers and peasants
Huang He river
Most dynasties were ended with a rebellion against it
Money/ Currency
What purpose does social class play in a civilization?
emperors, body guards
bureaucratic personnel, teachers, large land owners
artists, craftsmen
[The Art and Images of China- http://www.ibiblio.org/chineseart]
An advanced civilization like no other
[Cascoly Software-ABC Clio]
[Instructional Resources Corporation- ABC Clio]
[Instructional Resources Corporation- ABC Clio]
Shaped Chinese culture
Originated between 475 and 221 B.C.
Significant documents
supplanted Daoism
Karma and rebirth`
Social Classes
Written and spoken language
Universal understanding of written language
Coined Money
pg 55 of World History: Patterns of Interaction
pg 202 of World History: Patterns of Interaction
What purpose do social classes play in a civilization?
Works Cited
Owen McKessy
Molly Ward
Emily Tully
Ben Schmitt
Madison Paradis

ABC Clio: World Geography
ABC Clio : World history, Ancient and Medieval Eras
World History Textbook
ABC Clio : World Religions
The great wall of China was created with the help of many Chinese workers
"China: Country Overview" World Geography Understanding the Changing World
dreamstime.com via ABC Clio
[World History textbook page #53]
[World History textbook page #212]
[World History textbook page #202]
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