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Puerto Rico Northeastern Nature Preserve


Miguel Leon

on 10 December 2009

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Transcript of Puerto Rico Northeastern Nature Preserve

Development pressures on Puerto Rico's Northeastern Nature Preserve Natural Corridor
El Yunque National Forest
Include El Toro Wilderness Area 29,000 acres
Las cabezas nature reserve

Wild and Senic Rivers
Rio Mameyes
Rio la mina
Rio Icacos Home to Endangered species

Snowy Plover
Brown Pelican The Hawksbill Sea Turtle Puerto Rican Boa West Indian Manatee El yunque National Forest Puerto Rico
3.9 million people in less then 3,500 sq miles
only 5% of land protected
forest cover reached a low point of 6% in late 1940s
has recovered to 32 to 42% Under Threat
Buffer zone around forest to protect agriculture and forest land
40% of land is in violation of intended use
between 1994 and 2004 6 new municipal water intakes built on rivers draining El Yunque Hotels and Resorts
Coastal land under renewed threat of development
San Miguel Four Seasons
Dos Mares Resort
San Miguel Four Seasons
rejected 3 times by Environmental quality board
Turtle Protection plan
buffers for beach, wetlands and waterways Dos Mares
Site 2,700 acres
13% for hotel
18% for golf course
69% for conservation
Conclusions Leatherback Sea Turtle San Miguel Four Season
cost of project $600 million
would take 10 years to complete
250 room 5 star hotel
175 condos San Miguel: Environmental Issues
Requires Canalization of River to prevent flooding of the construction site
Remains a threat to turtle nesting
Econominc Benifits may not be as great as is claimed
Dos Mares
generate 1,500 jobs
Includes setbacks of 300 and 600 meters
Includes water and energy conservation measures Dos Mares: Problems
Site lacks potable water
Site Floods frequently
Fragile Ecosystem
Sued by National Wildlife Federation for illegal sale of land
Plan Rejected by Supreme Court
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