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Straight outta carbon

No description

mekhi talley

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Straight outta carbon

Straight outta carbon
Crazy cube named Dry Ice
Temperature dry ice is formed at is -109.3°F.
It's base substance is carbon dioxide or CO2.
The composition of it's CO2 and it is packed closely together while being cooled and gets stiffer forming the dry ice that we will be using.
There are multiple dry ice companies around the U.S. and one of the most interesting being Dry Ice Blast Cleaning; using dry ice to clean out cracks and crevices you may not be able to reach with your powerhose.
It's molecular composition is 1 carbon atom and 2 oxygen atoms.
Dry ice formula
The formula for dry ice is to freeze CO2 and put the dry ice at room temperature. Its boiling point is -69.8 degrees Fahrenheit and its sublimation point is -109.2 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases it is found on Mars from extensive cold periods in winter and high CO2 levels.
The laws of Boyle, Charle and Gay-Lussac and the application on dry ice
Additional uses of dry ice
Being used to carbonate liquids
Making home-made root beer
Used to store food that needs to be frozen
Helps grow plants
Can be used to shrink clothes for a better fit
Air quality testing
Can be used to put off the time of yeast rising
Can effectively hold off the process of meat spoiling
Has been used in the past to freeze and remove warts from humans
More uses of dry ice
Can increase plant growth, hold the dry ice and plant in close proximity for results.
Has medical use such as removing skin imperfections and warts.
Can be used for school and science experiments.
Attracts mosquitoes to bring them away from a certain area or group of people.
Can keep fish and game strong and healthy after caught.
Carbon Dioxide facts
It's frozen carbon dioxide turned solid by being sublimated.
It's a key part of the earth's atmosphere with two main gases composing it; Nitrogen (71%) and Carbon Dioxide leaving about (21%).
It's the gas we exhale after taking a breath of oxygen and nitrogen.
Trees take the CO2 to make oxygen for us to breathe working in a continuous circle.
The first gas to be set apart from ordinary air in 1630 by Jan van Helmont
The process of sublimation is a semi-long process in which select substances can go straight from a liquid into a gas which is a part of the different phase changes. There are only a few select substances that can do this however and the conditions have to be perfect. The most common one- dry ice. It sublimates directly from a solid into a gas. One of the other common ones is water and the others in this substance triangle; the snow and ice sublimate near the temperature line division of about 0 degrees Celsius (or 32 Fahrenheit).
Adrien-Jean-Pierre Thilorier first discovered dry ice on accident in 1835.
It was discovered accidentally, because the metal bottles were too heavy so they had to make new ones.
He initially wished to create soda with whiskey but instead he accidentally created dry ice by cooling it and when opening up the container he found a new solid that no one had yet discovered- dry ice.
Born in France as a lawyer's son he had a great role model and believed he could do great things
More Safety tips with dry ice
Dry ice is extremely cold always; wear gloves or protective cloths when working with it. If it touches the skin it will cause a injury like a burn
To store it you need to keep it in a tightly insulated freezer
If dry ice sublimates the carbon dioxide will move to low areas to replace oxygen and if breathed in continuously for a period of time, will lead to suffocation.
To treat a dry ice burn, treat it as a regular burn, if skin continuously blisters off see a doctor
Where dry ice can be found naturally
In the end this is a controversial subject because the temperatures on earth have never been low enough and not enough CO2 to condense out into dry ice. However, on Mars, the conditions have been perfect in order to form dry ice and the gullies supposedly formed by "running water" were actually carved in by dry ice and has been discovered at 356 sites.
Also known as the combined gas law it combines 3 people's laws, Charle's, Boyle's, and Gay-Lussac's. These combined laws state different ideas about pressure, volume, and temperature . Charle's law states that volume and pressure are proportional but only if the pressure stays the same. Boyle's law states that pressure and volume are proportional if the temperature is fixed. Finally, Gay-Lussac's law, the temperature and pressure are proportional as long as volume stays the same. The formula is PV/T=k
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