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What Are The Main Parts Of A Space Suit

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Jessica Portia

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of What Are The Main Parts Of A Space Suit

Do Astronauts Have To Wear Space Suits All The Time?
What Are Some Safety Measures That Are Built Into Space Suits?
Do You Think Spacesuits Are Comfortable?
What Are The Main Parts Of A Space Suit?
The main parts of a spacesuit are maximum absorption garment, liquid cooling ventilation garment, EMU electrical harness and lower torso assembly.
No. you don't have to wear a space suit all the time. astronauts don't have to wear a space suit in the space shuttle because the space shuttle has oxygen. Out side the space shuttle there is no oxygen or atmospheric pressure while inside,the oxygen is carefully controlled. Therefor,you are able to breathe. If you do not have a space suit on while you are outside you can die instantly, and you can also freeze because it is cold,but your blood can hold just enough oxygen for about 15 seconds.
Amy Ross was the designer of the space suits. They were not designed to be comfortable but you would think that they would be with all that cushiony stuff around it. The reason that space suits were invented was for missions but only for a short period of time. It was also invented so the astronauts would have oxygen. Now here's a question for you...
The ISS (International Space Station) can't maneuver to rescue a free floating EVA,like the space shuttle,so NASA invented the "SAFER". It helps astronauts to move quickly through microgravity. The "SAFER" works like a jet pack. It relies on small nitrogen-jets to work. "SAFFER" isn't in use yet, because astronauts rely on other safety features, such as safety grips, tethers and Canadarm 2 robot arms are good enough. But if these safety features ever fail, "SAFER" is ready.
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