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Navjot .

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of Friendships

In this presentation I will discuss how Upton Court is a successful school community as it is built on a strong culture and curriculum which takes into account of the richness and diversity brought in by its members.
You can get involved in various clubs that can help your understanding in subjects in the school.
Getting involved in competitions
You can get involved in different competitions in the school, here are some examples of competitions that took place last year : Old Paludians' Essay Writing Competition (every year), Battle of the Bands, House paper plane throw down,Easter Egg Competition,100-Word-Story Competition and Find the object Competition!
Raising money for charity
Upton Court Grammar does loads of activities and events to support and raise money for charity such as the Mile Challenge, Charity Leg wax, Film and chill, Homeless Campaign Launch,Charity Event Table Tennis Against the Teachers and loads more!

Sport Teams
The school as a community
Upton court grammar has a wide variety of sport teams that you can get into and compete with other schools as well!
Here are the sport teams:
Badminton 2 teams
Football 5 teams
Hockey 3 teams
Netball 12 teams
Rugby Union 2 teams

after school
Art club
Photography club
Netball club
Table tennis
Dance club
D+t club
Netball training
football training
snake feeding/biology
1st team fixtures (netball and football)
netball training
football training
Girls fitness
1st team football training

Subject Related Clubs
By Navjot khaira 8g
To make a poster about the extra-curricular clubs in and after school!
Make sure it includes decent information about the clubs and what they offer. Include pictures and make the poster eye-catching and bold!
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