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isabela pimentel ruiz

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of HALLOWEEN

SUPERSTITIONS RELATIONS IN AMERICA RELIGIONS AGAINST HALLOWEEN SYMBOLS HALLOWEEN NOWADAYS ·19th century HALLOWEEN HISTORY WITCH PUMPKIN MONSTERS GHOST JACK BLACK CAT ·Soul or spirit ·solitary essences ·You see it or sense near you ·deceased people looking for vengeance JACK/SKELETON ·The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town · His usual appearance is a skeleton ·Dressed in a black pin-striped
suit and a bow tie ·figures of pure evil were invented by the medieval Church ·use of magic or poison to harm others ·"witch" comes from the Saxon wica, meaning wise one. ·flame of a candle changes from yellow-red to yellow-blue means a ghost is among us. ·Don´t use the same candles ·If someone gives birth on Halloween night, ·

hallow for all the saint,
· it became a religious holiday
·T o adore “Samhain” Lord of Death, or like Romans with the goddess “Pomana”

· The Christianity did not accept this behavior ·Nowadays Halloween is celebrated all around the world but that does not mean that religious people agree with it.
Some events why church is against Halloween are:
Dressing up as demons, witches, ghosts, monsters, etc.
Damage of houses if people don’t give them candies.
The believe of night full of darkness, fear and injustice.
Going against the bible. · A festival of fun ·More popular in the United States than it is in Great Britain. ·Children dress up ·They go door to door saying "Trick or treat?" · come from the British Isles · Made on the Gaelic festival of Samhain · used to light one's way ·where turnips, mangelwurzel or beets were used. VAMPIRES ·Dangerous, immortal and hellish, the vampire is the most feared monster and by far one of the most powerful WEREWOLVES ·There is no evidence to prove that werewolves do or have ever really existed. ·Means “wearer of the wolf skin"
or "man wolf". ·if a bat was spotted flying around one's house three times, it meant that someone in that house would soon die. ·The moonlight shadow. ·Brought to North America ·gradually assimilated into mainstream society. · 20th century it was being celebrated coast to coast · experience negative treatment, ·There are negative perceptions
based on historical superstitions & myths. · in some parts of the world, black cats are actually a symbol of good luck . ·Many ancient cultures believed that they could gain power or longevity by drinking the blood of other people THANK YOU *ISABELA PIMENTEL *PAMELA ARGUELLES *KARLA VIVIANA CASTRO *NOHEMA SOSA *DIANA LAURA VERA *SOFIA DOMINGUEZ *GUILLERMO RUIZ *ALEJANDRA GORRIZ *DANIELA GUZMAN *KINDLI MORALES *IRASEMA TORRES *MARIANA GARIBAY · A lazy yet shrewd farmer who uses a cross to trap the Devil. HISTORY Centuries ago, people believed in spirits, both good and evil. Those people were known as THE CELTS ·These people spent all spring and summer growing food to last them through the winter. · Festival Samhain ·November 1 ·people wore costumes, told fortunes and ate plenty of good food. ·His life had been too sinful for Jack to go to heaven;the Devil had promised not to take his soul.
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