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YMC office interior design by Pivot270

No description

Pivot270 Ltd.

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of YMC office interior design by Pivot270

I am Katalin Ercsényi founder and art director of a small Hungarian design enterprise called Pivot270.
Design is my profession and my hobby also.
After working several years for a BTL advertising company I became a freelancer in order to create my own ideas.
Many successful projects of the past few years proved the change was worth and I gathered lot of great experiences.

I design interior, complex exhibition stands, store fixtures and so on.
Put simply, I like anything that is a challenge for me.
I collected some of my works to amaze you, here we go :-)

Obviously because it is the funniest way to present creative things
Because it is a software with Hungarian roots
You have the freedom while creating your ideas
It is clear and simple to use

Who am I?
Why did i choose prezi?
What am i doing?

Last but not least.
Let me show you some of my ideas concerning your new office.


I did a little research on your company and it's surroundings.
I collected a lot of great impressions.
No question Swiss is a talented and creative nation.
creative corner
entrance area

Thank you for watching!

meeting room
idea for blackboard
idea for pictures
idea for lamp
lamp from an exhibtion
"invention wall"
idea for ceiling
inspriation for cupboard
inspiration for counter
inspiration for wall
idea for wall
idea for carpet
inspiration for stairs
idea for hanging chair
inspration for bookshelf
social games
I saw that on an exhibition
idea for details
idea for wall
inspiration for chairs
guests can ask for help this way
guests can learn about YMC while waiting
blue wall graphic inspiration
idea for whiteboard
nice bookshelves
Google Ground Budapest
Shopguard Head Office Budapest
London Meeting Center
Google House Budapest
Carlsberg Lounge Budapest
Chello Media Head Office Budapest
Google VIP Meeting Room
UPC Headquarters Budapest
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