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The Apprenticeship of a Medieval Stonemason

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Nick Newell

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Apprenticeship of a Medieval Stonemason

Nick Newell's prezi
The Apprenticeship of a Medieval Stonemason
A boy could become a stonemason’s apprentice whilst in his teens and would usually live with his master and take all his meals with the master’s family. The boy would learn his trade by watching his master at work and gradually taking on his tasks. On qualifying, he could set up his own business and was entitled to register as a member of his local trade guild.
Working as a Medieval Stonemason
Once a man had qualified, life as a stonemason could be hard and labour-intensive. Workers would spend hours hammering stone to produce the shapes and designs needed for a particular part of a building
The Master Mason in the Middle Ages
a master mason needed the skills to coordinate a building site, liaise with patrons and suppliers and keep the other stonemasons working at an acceptable rate. He could usually expect free food and accommodation for the duration of his work on a site. In the case of a huge project such as a cathedral, one project could last decades.

Medieval Stonemason
The medieval mason was not a monk but a highly skilled lay craftsman who combined the roles of architect, builder, craftsman, designer and engineer
these are tools that they used
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