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B2-FallSpring. Syllabus

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Carl Lefko

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of B2-FallSpring. Syllabus

COURSE REQUIREMENTS The purpose of this course is to increase your understanding, appreciation and critical perceptions of a theatrical event. Readings and lectures will focus on the elements of theatrical practices and on the development of theatre as an art form. Participation in class forum discussions (discussion board assignments - D2L) and sharing of critiques and short reports will offer avenues to explore your individual theatrical interest. Participation/attendance at live or recorded events will offer first hand experiences to explore this art form.
Since this course is taught entirely on-line you should be familiar with how to use a standard web browser (Netscape, Foxfire etc.) and electronic mail. Competency in navigating D2L required. Detail instruction for D2L can be found in the RU IT Resource site. If you have a question regarding the course please refer to the course FAQ tab. Students are expected to be proficient in written and spoken Standard American English. Familiarity with computers, Internet, and email are required to be successful in this class.

Each student MUST have an activated Radford University email account and MUST send an email to me from that account within the first week of class.
All papers/projects must include the following information at the top of your paper:
Semester: Fall '12
The assignment (i.e.: critique one, etc.)
Date of Submission
During this course you will:
•Differentiate the distinguishing characteristics of dramatic genres.
•Form and articulate a personal opinion on artist works.
Identify the major components of theatrical spaces.
•Assess the components of a theatrical event.
•List, describe and analysis the parts of a dramatic work.
•View and critique live/recorded theatrical performances.
•Participate in discussion form activities.
•Read and analyse dramatic works.

Welcome Letter

Theatre as an art form Pg. 4-20

The Role of the Critic and the Audience Pg 39-42
VIEW: West Side Story

Tour Theatre Space Pg 137-154

Aristotle and the Poetics Pg 47-66

The Greek Theatre Pg 209-220

Greek Plays
VIEW: Medea
VIEW: Oedipus

Read and Review Antigone

The Roman Theatre Pg 220-228

The Middle Age Pg 228-236

Individual research paper

The Playwright

Renaissance Drama Pg 265-296

Shakespeare's Plays
VIEW: Hamlet/Gibson
VIEW: Hamlet/Branagh
VIEW: The Taming of a Shrew
VIEW: Shakespeare in Love

Read and Review Hamlet
This is a participatory class which will require group work and class participation!
Attendance 5%
Participation/Discussion Projects 20%
Quizzes 15%
All projects turned in after the beginning of the class period on the day the project is due will be considered late and assessed a LETTER GRADE.
Grade: Attendance 5%
Participation/Discussion Projects 20%
Quizzes 15%
Midterm 25%
Final 35% - Comprehensive
Theatre The Lively Art by WilsonGoldfarb

Anthology of Living Theatre by Wilson/Goldfarb
- includes all the plays you are required to read for group discussion. Major course topics: Overall Course Objectives: How to submit a paper: Expected Competencies: Overview: Texts and Materials required: Course Requirements: Grading:
When viewing a video for this class you may need to copy and past the video link into a new browser page to view. You will find the web links in your topic modules following the titles of the video/plays to be viewed.
You will also need to following password to access the videos in VIMEO:

Password: TAPVIDEO To View A Video: RU Productions: Theatrical Design Pg 157-205

The Actor Pg 97-118

The Director Pg 119-136
VIEW: Behinds the Scenes

NeoClassical/The Royal Theatre Pg 290-309

Moliere's Plays
VIEW: RSC Tatuffe
VIEW: Tartuffe

Read and Review Tartuffe

Romantic/Realism/Naturalism Pg 316-335

Chekov's plays
VIEW: A Doll's House
VIEW: The Cherry Orchard

Antirealism Pg 339-350

Contemporary Pg 351-396

Contemporary Plays
VIEW: MIller's Shorts (Death of a Salesman)
VIEW: Streetcar Named Desire (T. Williams)

Redefining Theatre
VIEW: Cirque Reinvente
VIEW: Nouvelle Experience Introduction:
Course Content:

All correspondence to me should come through D2L email only. This assure (1) that I will read it and (2), that I will respond to you. I will NOT respond through RU email for this class.
Opportunity for Extra credit are listed in your syllabus schedule. No additional extra credit will be granted.

Each person will be assigned a discussion group. Group discussions are a major part of the participation grade. It is important to be present and engaged in the discussion process, reacting to what each group member says. You are required to attend up to three (3) designated RU productions during the semester. Admission is free with your RU ID. There will be a quiz following each play. See the detailed syllabus for additional information. How to contact me: EXTRA CREDIT: Discussion Groups:
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