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Modern Family Personalities

No description

Sabrina Freifeld

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Modern Family Personalities

Sabrina Freifeld Rachel Revitch Sarah Henao Luke Dunphy Cam Tucker Gloria Psychoanalytic personality - Adler's Birth Order Youngest child of the Dunphy family Psychoanalytic Personality Tends to be an "air head" The "baby" of the family, and usually looks for attention Superiority Complex Luke Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Level 4 Modern Family Personalities -Luke is at this level because
he has all of his physiological,
security , love and belonging,
and esteem needs.
-Too young to be self-actualized.
-Has great self-esteem
-Doesn't have that special sense of
purpose yet. Superiority complex is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person's feelings of superiority counter or conceal his or her feelings of inferiority.
Cam believes that he is better than everyone else
In this example, he is rude to the princess because he always stayed in character when he was a clown
"I'm sort of like Costco. I'm big, I'm not fancy and I dare you to not like me. "
With anything dealing with the arts, acting, or Broadway, Cam thinks that he knows best Luke Big 5 Traits - High and Low High - Openness He tends to be very open with everything, and doesn't hold back Low - Conscientiousness Luke is not organized, and is always all over the place Background He is really open-minded and doesn't judge anyone Mockumentary
Explores the many different types of a modern family through the stories of a gay couple, and their daughter Lily, a straight couple, and their three kids, Haley, Alex, and Luke, and a multicultural couple, and their son Manny.
These three types of families are being taped by a Dutch documentary crew
Using them for an upcoming reality-based television series due to air in The Netherlands. Gay Cam Tucker Multicultural Gloria Pritchett Luke Dunphy Youngest Child Luke Dunphy Always distracted and shows signs of ADD -Lucas 'Luke' Dunphy is Claire and Phil's youngest and most rambunctious child
-At times he can be a trouble maker
-He is very innocent and does not always understand the repercussions of his actions
-In almost every episode he does many questionable actions
such as getting his head stuck in the banister and jumping
on the trampoline wearing only underwear and a box on his head
-Shows signs of ADD when he is repeatedly distracted in most espisodes Was formerly a classically trained clown named Fizbo
Also was the center for the Fighting Illinois and is really into sports, which improves the bond with Mitchel's dad
Is an experienced drummer for a rock band
Was a stay at home dad, but got a job as the music teacher at Luke and Manny's school once Lily went to kindergarten Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Esteem Need: Need to be unique individual with self-respect and to enjoy general esteem from others
Constantly wants to be unique and does so in an overzealous manner
He does things this way because he thinks it will make people like him if he's always so over the top
Indirectly shows that he cares about what people think of him
Cam: My dream for him is that one day, he'll be on the Supreme Court.
Mitchell: Why Cam?
Cam: So at parties I can tell people my partner is one of the Supremes. Esteem Need Big 5 High: Neuroticism Neuroticism is when an individual tends to experience emotional instability, anxiety, moodiness, irritability, and sadness
Cam is generally bubbly, but is always very emotionally unstable
Very emotional and cries when just a little upset
Often feels betrayed by Mitchel
Forgot to send out invitations, wasn't invited to a flash mob
Always says "How could you Mitchell?!" Low: Conscientious Common features are thoughtfulness, impulse control, and goal-directed behaviors
Cam seems to act on impulse
Locks Lily in car and tries to smash through window
Seemingly doesn't have any goals
"I can't pressure Mitchell. But I really, really, really just want him to get a job so I can go back to being a stay-at-home dad slash trophy wife." Cam Tucker is the life partner of Mitchel Pritchett for 8 years
Together, they adopt a child named Lily
Mitchel's father does not approve of their relationship
Has a great relationship with his mother, although Mitchel is uncomfortable with her because she seems to feel him up Loves everything that has to do with theater and once cried for an entire flight from New York to Los Angeles (which is at least a five hour flight) because he was unable to get tickets to see Billy Elliot on Broadway. Phil [about Luke]: He's one of those kids you get him a gift and all he wants to do is play with the box. hi IN CONCLUSION Cam- Neuroticism-he is known for being the super stereotypical flamoboyant, dramatic, gay guy who gets his feelings hurt easily
His constant changing of mood is what makes him so interesting for the audience Luke- Youngest Child (Adler)- Luke really is the baby out of all the major characters. His personality is mostly based off of his crazy antics which are due to him being an airhead
Gloria is a Colombian native from a small village.
Age: Mid forties
Loving spouse to her husband Jay despite the age difference between them ( Hes older)
Has a voluptuous figure and overall beauty
Sassy & fierce personality, Gloria is one feisty mamma.
Very traditional, Follows all her Latin customs
Has a very thick Colombian accent which leads to her bad pronunciation of English words Gloria Pritchett Role: Housewife
Son: Manny
Grandson: Luke
Goal: Be a good mother to Manny & a good wife to Jay
Hang-ups: Misunderstood because of her accent
Examples- "ultimatum" as "old-tomato" and "earrings" as "hair-rings" Personality Disorder: Histrionic
Constantly seeking attention, excessive concern with physical appearance, seductive, excessively emotional, unstable mood
- Doesn’t leave the house without looking hot and wears revealing clothing
-She gets very feisty and is quick to start up fights when someone insults her
-Shown by how she gets into a fight with Claire after their sons get into a fight at school
-She constantly screams and is kind of crazy
-Constantly seeking attention
-Excessively emotional
-Latinos in general Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs : Love & Belongings

- Very family oriented
- Very supportive of Manny and whatever he does
- Very affectionate towards her husband
- Loves having people over Big 5 traits:
High - Extroversion
-excitability, sociability, talkativeness, high amounts of emotional expressiveness
-She gets excited and loud very easily
-Shown at Manny's soccer game where she embarrassed him by aggressively cheering him on
-She shows her assertion by getting in fights
-Had a fight with Jay about whether or not Manny was allowed to go play football with his friends. He took him without her knowing because she would not say yes.

Low- Emotional Stability
-Gets angry very easily
-Doesn't react well to criticism
-Insulted Gloria-Extraversion - She is always talking and telling jokes and is definitely the loudest character on the show. She is energetic and outgoing which makes her character so entertaining to watch.
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