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ep 4.1

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of ep 4.1

Our Moderator:
Catherine Gutierrez
Director of Client and Partner Relations at Parsec
Our Panelists:
Quality, Compliance, and What's Next
HACCP, Traceability
What were the benefits to implementing a traceability solution within your existing TrakSYS™ application, versus investing in a point solution for traceability?
How have these real-time notifications enabled you to more effectively deal with exceptions recorded from HACCP and other quality checks?
Does the system communicate with you when there is an issue?
How does this apply to the effective HACCP program within Bush Brothers?
How does TrakSYS™ help you manage tasks? What is the process that you use?
EBR, Quality, Compliance
Compliance is always evolving and changing.
As regulations become more strict, how can organizations balance customer preference and compliance?
EBR, Quality, Compliance
How has quality management improved since implementing TrakSYS™?
I understand you implemented the SPC functionality within TrakSYS™. Can you tell us a little about this and share how it has reduced variability?
EBR, Quality, Compliance
Accurate batch records are extremely important to Food and Beverage manufacturers.
How has the TrakSYS EBR solution provided a savings to BB over more traditional paper-based records?
Future Endeavors

Does Bush Brothers have any plans to expand TrakSYS™ to any of its other facilities?
Mike Yost
Travis Tomaszewski
Operations Area Manager
Dave Ray
Vice President of Operations
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