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Community Action Program of Lancaster County (CAP)

2014 Annual Report

Megan DeMarra

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Community Action Program of Lancaster County (CAP)

Community Action Program
of Lancaster County

2014 Annual Report
A Message from CAP's Leadership
We know that fighting poverty is not the responsibility of one person or agency – it takes an entire community to overcome a challenge of this magnitude. We are proud of the joint efforts of our dedicated board of directors, talented staff, committed volunteers and caring community members. Thank you for supporting CAP’s work during the past year.

CAP continues to respond to changing times with flexibility and innovation. Over the last year, we have expanded the reach of our formula warehouse, upgraded our technology and outreach to better serve our clients, and made strategic alignments to remain true to our core mission. Thanks to your support, CAP is in a sustainable position to continue to examine new models of service delivery and different types of partnerships to increase our impact moving forward.

As you may know, Mark Esterbrook, our Chief Executive Officer, will be retiring on June 30, 2015. As Board President, this is an opportunity to thank Mark for his outstanding leadership of CAP and his support of and commitment to the entire Lancaster community and to wish him the very best as he enters the next phase of his life. CAP will continue under new leadership our unwavering commitment to eliminating the condition of poverty in Lancaster County.

- Mark Esterbrook, CEO & James Kelly, Board President

At CAP, we help individuals and families by offering a wide variety of services that support financial stability.
We focus on child care, early education and parenting; emergency and support services; food and nutrition; and senior assistance to help low-income families increase their resources.
Child Care, Early Education & Parenting
Nutrition & Food Needs
Alleviating food insecurity and promoting health and wellness
Emergency & Support Services
Fostering goal achievement by providing crisis stabilization and long-term support
Senior Assistance
Combating isolation and connecting resources
Our mission is to champion the achievement of long-term self sufficiency for individuals and families through services and advocacy targeting the elimination of poverty.
2013-14 Board of Directors
James Kelly, President
Margaret Costella, Vice President
Allison Weber, Secretary
Kristin Heller, Treasurer
Randy Appley
Billie Jo Aikins
Senator Ryan Aument
Daniel Betancourt
Honorable Anthony Chivinski
Sandy Duncan

Reverend Scott Fischer
Carolyn Griess
Mitchell Hanna
Andrea McCue
Edward Rasmuson
Dr. Kendra Saunders
Tina Thompson
Honorable Louise Williams
Kathleen Wolff

Providing parents, children and families with resources for long-term success
Take Action!
Make a donation to CAP

Become a volunteer

Follow us on Facebook

Circles participants are building permanent pathways out of poverty by setting achievable goals and surrounding themselves with supportive friends.
pounds of food and fresh produce were distributed to local food pantries and feeding programs.
new mothers, infants and young children improved their health and nutrition in the WIC program.
survivors of domestic violence received comprehensive services from Domestic Violence Services.
Head Start prepared
children to enter kindergarten successfully.
The Family Center enabled
families to receive early intervention services and learn parenting skills.
children were enrolled in CCIS, providing eligible families with child care financial assistance.
children received affordable, high quality child care in our STAR 4 Center.
older adults received support services, socialization and recreation from the Lancaster and Columbia Senior Centers.
homebound elderly received Outreach services.
Circles participants and community Allies embarked on a permanent pathway out of poverty.
The Outreach Program ensured that
families were approved for customer utility assistance programs, including funds to prevent utility terminations.
Viewing Instructions
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The Lancaster County Office of Aging, in partnership with CAP’s two Senior Centers, recently launched an innovative program to reduce isolation among older adults. The Centers, located in Lancaster City and Columbia, purchased iPads with funds from the Office of Aging and now offer trainings to help seniors stay connected with friends and relatives, despite potential physical barriers, and to keep their minds active and engaged. The trainings are lead by Generation Connect and teach low-income seniors how to use email, shop securely, download content, listen to music using iTunes, and more.

Many older adults are choosing to age in place, so they can continue to live in their own homes and communities and because it is often a more affordable option for them. While aging in place allows older adults to remain in the setting of their choice, it can also create a sense of isolation if the senior citizen has limited mobility. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), social isolation can cause loneliness, depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders. Health studies also show that older, isolated people have much higher rates of mortality from breast cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

“The iPad class has brought seniors into the internet era. The training introduced a new way for seniors to communicate with family and friends who no longer live in the area. They are using the tablets to stay connected, to keep up with the latest news and weather, and for entertainment and games”, states Starr Brubaker, Senior Center Manager. “It is so easy to learn! I love the class and using the iPad to keep up with latest news from my home country, Russia, and listening to Russian music”, reports Maciej, age 81.

While the CAP Senior Centers already serve as a common place for socialization, this addition to the program has helped digitally connect older adults to others, in addition to increasing their comfort in using technology. The iPad was selected for this project for its ease of use with older adults. Mike, age 77, participated in the Columbia class and commented, “I owned an iPad and could not believe all of the things an iPad could do! I was not using the full potential of my iPad until after this class”.

Closing the Digital Divide: CAP Senior Centers Launch iPad Training
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