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No description

Manuela Epure

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of ADApt2jobs

... it aims at developing a package of labour market oriented courses and transferring them into the virtual space

....Learning environment is continuously changing...requires constant revision of the teaching methodology.
What for?
... building new skills and competencies using computer-based learning solutions.
.... to be capable of delivering content adapted to student's learning profile
employers , students, teachers
-main idea
-learning experience
-main issues to be discussed-
Adapting curriculum and educational package at the labour markets requirements!
- reasearch
- identification
- development
- testing
- implementing
- sustainability
Targeted groups
- teachers
- decision makers
- students
Starting point:
- graduates have high expectations
-UBC ecosystem
-8th UBC "curriculum development and delivery"
: Manuela Epure, Ruxandra Vasilescu, Lorena Mihaes
Research outcomes:

- focus on practical issues
- communication skills
- IT literacy
- creativity/inovation
- a new approach
- to customize educational programs based on the evaluation of the existing situation
- a structured UBC to better adapt courses
- ecosystem inputs/outputs & interactions
-improvements should be done

Project Stages
study on the existing situation
curricula evaluation against job market requirements
identification of courses to be adapted
build, improve and redesign the courses' content
content delivery -and blended learning
measuring the learning effectiveness
Brainstorming session Outcomes
- more focus on practical issues
- better communication skills
- market-oriented
- enhance creativity and innovation
Targeted groups
- teachers
- decision makers
- students
- employers

How we started?
Step 1 - a brainstorming session with UBC' reprezentatives (Mind Map)

key success features
Key success features
- strong professional education background ;
- ICT literacy based on the usage of modern computer-based tools;
- general background - acquired in school or self-acquired;
- a certain personality profile based on: attitude towards work, self-discipline, sense of responsibility , adaptability and logical approach to current issues, self-esteem;
- interpersonal relationships - working efficiently as a team member, the ability to perform in a multicultural environment;
- relevant practical experience and volunteering
- creative/ innovative


Quantitative research
Online survey -powered by LimeSurvey and analysed with Sphinx
Respondents: students and employers
Surprising answers
Interesting results
Inspiring conclusions
Online survey
students' perception of the level of knowledge
employers' perception of students expectations versus Job Markets exigencies
self-sufficient attitude...is damaging
Project's website
What's new?
- multi-media courses
- new teaching/learning
- new pedagogical model - flipped classroom
- blended learning
What next?
how we started?
how we started?
stage 2 digital content development
stage 3 students involvement
stage 4 learning effectiveness evaluation
stage 5 building sustainability
Project's visibility:
- active dissemination of results
- conference participation
- consolidate new teaching solutions
- evidence-based improvements
- promote the brand ~Adapt2jobs
- bilingual website (RO, Eng)

This article and the whole project
are co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Human Resources Development Sectorial Operational Program (POSDRU)

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