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Prius - leading a wave of hybrids

No description

Samy Shrestha

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Prius - leading a wave of hybrids

BACKGROUND: PRIUS leading a wave of hybrids to go before PRIUS It's a Hybrid Car by Toyota. What is Prius? Prius is the brand or car that Toyota has made a significant success in American market. It is a hybrid vehicle. Prius is the car with full hybrid technology. The word "Hybrid" simply means combination of two or more things. An Electric motor A Combustion Engine But in the case of Toyota: Hybrid means two sources of power. Principle behind Hybrid Synergy Drive is simple. In vehicles equipped with a conventional powertrain energy is wasted mainly due to continuous braking. whereas, Hybrid Synergy Drive recovers most of this energy, stores it in a battery and then it is re-used at the most appropriate time through an electric motor. 1.First released in 1997
2.First mass produced Hybrid car
3.Introduced in America in 1999
4.Released worldwide in 2001
5.Now sold over 2 million units Brief History: 1st Phase: (1997-2003) 2nd Phase: (2003-2009) 2nd generation hybrid Prius There are 3 phases in the history of Prius 1st generation hybrid Prius model: 1997–2001 (NHW10)
2001–2003 (NHW11) 4 doors 5 doors liftback XW20 XW10 3rd Phase: 2009 - present 3rd generation hybrid Prius XW30 5 door liftback Latest models of Prius in the year 2012: Prius c (NHP10) Prius Plug-in Hybrid (ZVW35) Prius v (ZVW41) A car that sometimes runs on gas power and sometimes runs on electric power, from a company that always runs on brain power. PRIUS PRIUS Positioning Core Market Emotional Attachment 1. Quality 2. Technological Superiority 3. Consumer Approval 4. Not Price Sensitive 5. Original Hybrid Japan USA Europe Canada More Traits Well Educated Upper Middle Class Income Range Progressive Thinkers Environmentally Empathetic Feeling of Virtue Part of A Solution Joy Intelligence Better Person something about All about Prius SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS: OPPORTUNITIES: WEAKNESS THREATS: Design
Performance Comparing to Other Eco Cars
Fuel Efficient
Lower Pollution/Environment Friendly
Higher Battery Life comparing to Other Eco cars More Expensive than Other Similar Cars
Performance Comparing to Cars in General
Specialist Needed for Servicing & Others
Awareness of Product Targets Different Segments
Availability of the Product Competitors
New Technology
Fuel Prices may Decrease in the near future Finally Your Queries 1. What micro-environmental factors affected the introduction and re-launch of Toyota Prius? How well has to Toyota dealt with these factors? Queries??? 2. Outline the major macro-environmental factors — demographic, economic, natural, political and cultural — that affected the introduction and re-launch of the Toyota Prius. How well has Toyota dealt with each of these factors? 3. Evaluate Toyota's marketing strategy so far. What has Toyota done well? How might it improve its strategy? 4. GM's marketing director for new ventures, Ken Stewart, says “If you want to get a lot of hybrids on the road, you put them in vehicles that people are buying now.” This tends to summarize the U.S. automakers' approach to hybrids. Would you agree with Mr. Stewart? Why or why not? on Prius !!! ABOUT PRIUS: THANKING YOU!!! In Presentation:
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