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Zzzz's to A's: A School Day Focused on Student Success

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Mary Bozenmayer

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Zzzz's to A's: A School Day Focused on Student Success

Zzz's to A's: A School Day Timed for Student Success
The facts...

How: The Basics
Research has shown that teens learn best after 8:30am
Our #1 goal as educators:
To help ALL students succeed!

Teens need MORE SLEEP.
Help those who need it MOST.
A report published by The Brookings Institution associated a
significant increase in test scores
with later middle and high school start times, with
benefits roughly twice as great in disadvantaged students.
Long-term benefits to
The Brookings report also estimated that later high school start times create a
lifetime earnings gain of $17,500 per student
with a school system cost of $0.00 to $1,950 per student, a
benefit-to-cost ratio of 9:1 or better.
Good for them,
good for you.
Students getting proper/adequate sleep will:
be more personable and alert,
be less susceptible to depression,
be late to school less,
miss fewer days of school
be less likely to be obese
be less likely to be in an automobile accident

"Brown University." Sleep Starts Later as Teens Age, but School Still Starts Early. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 June 2015.

Carrell, Scott E., Teny Maghakian, and James E. West. "A's from Zzzz's? The Causal Effect of School Start Time on the Academic Achievement of Adolescents." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 3.3 (2011): 62-81. Web. 14 June 2015.

Wahistrom, K. "Changing Times: Findings From the First Longitudinal Study of Later High School Start Times." NASSP Bulletin 86.633 (2002): 3-21. Web. 14 June 2015

"Wake Up Calls (Fast Facts)." Start School Later. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 June 2015.

7:30 am:

Middle and High School TEACHER day starts- common planning/prep period


MS and HS STUDENT day begins



[Adjustment to Elementary Schools:
Start time
, Dismissal
It is TIME for a simple change that will benefit all students.
teacher planning time
Common preps with grade level teams
Alert, engaged students
A more fluid school day
Higher student achievement
Something needs fixin'
Mary Bozenmayer
EDLD 601 Summer 2015
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