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Larissa Ciafullo

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Larissa7education

How did gender roles play into the role of education?
For boys and girls in the education system was very different. Boys started school when they were age 7 and went to 18 if they were wealthy. Most girls would stay home with their mothers learning marriage duties. If the girl's parents had wealth she would be able to go to school but would learn different subjects than the boys. However in Sparta, girls and boys both went to school together but focused more on physical education. The boys would learn military training and the girls would learn how to take care of soldiers and be wives of soldiers.

Why did Athenians value more education than military like Spartans?

Education of Ancient Greece: Athens Vs. Sparta

Education in Ancient Greece is significant because it shows their culture and daily life.
The Athenians and the Spartans were not alike in many ways. In this case, education. The Athenians cared way more about politics and education more than military. But why? Military just was not their main concern. The Spartans however, cared a lot about their defense. They trained their boys from age 7 to 20 with harsh, rough, painful training. The girls on the other hand, also did physical training but not like the boys. Girls in Sparta learned mainly how to be mothers and wives of soldiers.
What did the Ancient Greeks feel they should teach for education and why?
The children in Ancient Greece learned many subjects for education. In Athens, boys learned reading and writing for poetry, music to play a lyre which is like a small harp, P.E for athletics and dancing, and arithmetic using pebbles and a special wired frame called a abacus. Kids in Sparta learned differently. The main focus was for P.E for both boys and girls. In this class they learned dancing,training, and sports. They also had main education but were far behind of Athens for those subjects. But were mainly all taught the same subjects.

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By Larissa Ciafullo

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If education did not exist in Ancient Greece then we would have not known of the childrens daily lives and their culture of school.
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