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BillGuard (formerly CrowdSpot) is hiring amazing tech people

Click on the play button to look for further information

Raphael Ouzan

on 29 June 2011

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Transcript of BillGuard (formerly CrowdSpot) is hiring amazing tech people

Is this funny to you?
Then click on the play button to continue... Send your CV to raphael@billguard.com {Requirements} At least 5 years of extensive experience developing Java server side code.
Strong Core Java competencies required (Core, IO, Threading), Network programming and/or JMS messaging., JUnit.
Experienced with performance-critical applications and large scale applications processing huge data sets.
Proficient in JEE design and paradigms.
Proficient in OO design and programming.
Strong database skills, using ORM, SQL and interfacing with large databases.
Deep understanding of performance assessment, profiling and optimization.
Experienced with UNIX environments.
Experience with NO-SQL databases like Hadoop and Cassandra is a plus.
Cloud computing experience is a major advantage. Job description over there Excellent UNIX administration skills and experience.
Deep understanding of networking - load balancing, routing and switching, network security devices,
and scalable distributed architectures.
Highly experienced in managing Unix systems in tc or any POSIX shell language.
Experienced with large UNIX production environments on MySQL Server - replication, clustering, backup & restore strategies.
Strongly skilled at performance assessment and performance tuning on the database.
Experience in Amazon EC2 cloud computing administration is a major advantage. {Requirements} Job description over there The SysAdmin and DBA Wizard is the person that will make all of the infrastructure happen and will enable the whole system to handle large amount of data in the most secure, organized, scalable and reliable way. He/she will be administering a growing number of resources and will be in charge of the MySQL database cluster administration. His/her ability to look at the configuration of the complex system with creativity will allow him/her to fine tune the system to get the best performance, thus improving the overall efficiency of the product. {Profile} {Requirements} {Profile} The Data-ming Guru is all about the data. He/she will be responsible for the processing of the information aggregated from multiple sources. His/her ability to build classifications models and learning algorithms will allow the harness of the crowdsourced information to make it useful for as many users as possible. He/she is excited about solving tricky technical puzzles, building pattern analysis and learning algorithms. He/she will be in charge of integrating and maintaining the processing methods into the core with the rest of the developers, that will handle over time large amounts of data. B.S/M.S in Computer Science or Mathematical degree, skills and experience in data mining, distributed computing and algorithms.
Solid understanding of Neural Networks and NLP.
Experienced developing big data processing applications using Java/Python and SQL databases.
Experience with semantic analysis is a plus.
Experience with NO-SQL databases like Hadoop and Cassandra is a plus. Job description over there Job description over there 5 years+ experience
Experienced in Web and backend QA.
Experienced in regression tests, automated stress tests and in automated testing suites.
Understanding of networking, internet applications and HTTP protocol and scalable architectures.
DB skills required, preferably MySQL Server.
Experienced with Continuous Integration methodology.
Python or any scripting language required as well as ability to work on UNIX systems. {Requirements} {Profile} Highly skilled QA engineer experienced with the best tools for web and core QA. The QA person should be the one always keeping the whole picture in mind, looking at the project from both a technical and a user perspective. The main goal is both to tackle the system in each possible way in order to reach the highest quality and to make the build process as fast and as reliable as possible. He or she will have to leverage his/her creativity to build test cases dealing with huge data sets and advanced processing as well as a highly powerful web application. He/she will eventually build the methodology and required tools in order to be able to iterate quickly in the product development while releasing working software, at the highest quality. {Profile} Click here to go back The Java Core Guru is the person in charge of state of the art platform running the core of the product in a highly available and scalable fashion. He/she will be developing and integrating core features, such as - crowdsourcing algorithms, aggregating web data from news & twitter feeds, business intelligence reporting & analysis tools, web 2.0 services etc. He/she will lead a system that serves at the fundament of the whole solution, requiring monitoring, testing and security at the highest level. He/she will have to take his/her database understanding well into action to build a platform handling ever growing data sets. Click here to go back Click here to go back Click here to go back Click here to go back Click here to go back Click here to go back Click here to go back Click here to go back Strong demonstrable experience writing, testing and scaling web applications.

Client side Javascript libraries (jQuery, GWT, etc.) with a solid background in pure Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Strongly skilled at assessing performance with tools like YSlow, extreme fine tuning for performance improvement

Understanding the underlying HTTP protocol and experienced with cross browsers work.

Has worked with source control.

Experience with Java is an advantage.

Familiar with website security. {Profile} The Web Dev Guru is the person in charge of the actual bits running in the hands of the end consumer. He/she has to leverage the best web development technical skills in order to build the most responsive, powerful and well featured rich internet application. He/she will be working with external experienced User Experience and Graphic Designers to build a web application at the highest standard and above. He/she will put in place the methodology, testing and build environment required to lead a fast paced iterative development process, integrating with the ever growing technology built in the back end and getting constant feedback from users. {Requirements} Job description over there Click here to go back Do you think you've got what it takes? Click on the play button to continue... Click on value to dive into
the job description
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