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Copy of Gatsby's Scrapbook

No description

Chloe Fraser

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Gatsby's Scrapbook

The Yacht is where Dan Cody took me in and shaped me to be the man I am. It was on this yacht, the Tuolomee, that he gave me the education on how to act and talk appropriately. We circled the continent three times and spent fives years on it. I will forever remember him and what he has taught me.
The mansion that I bought to show my wealth, and most importantly to impress Daisy. My house was the party where guests, famous or not, always arrived. It was in my intention that this would be the place where we could spend the rest of our lives together.
The green light represented my dream, Daisy was only across the bay. It was almost as if I could touch the green light if I reached out. I yearned for the day we could see each other again.
Daisy's house right across the bay, I saw the house on the day we planned to confront Tom. I remember standing outside that night to make sure Daisy would be alright because I didn't trust Tom.
My medal from Montenegro represents an important achievement and highlight in my life. The war just suddenly came and even though I tried very hard to die, I came out on top. I am able to proudly show others of my accomplishment in the war.
I almost knocked over the clock at Nick's house but it represents how time is going by but I'm stuck on trying to fix the past. I want to recreate the past but I can't do that because time has already passed. The reason for doing this is my love and desire to be with Daisy.
I have many clothes now. I could never afford much clothes and I barely had any in the first place, now I always have something to wear. I threw all my shirts of different colors and patterns at Daisy to show her my abundant choices of clothing, which I have the luxury of choosing everyday.
On the back cover of this Hopalong Cassidy book, I wrote out a schedule to follow in order to improve myself. I also wrote down resolutions to keep, it all started very young in me, I didn't want to be poor.
Not being very wealthy is a
problem when you fall in love
with a rich woman. I never had a lot of money but working with Meyer Wolfsheim, I have accumulated wealth. With this wealth, I can show Daisy that I can take care of her.
I was wearing a white suit when I meet up with Daisy for the first time in almost 5 years. We met through Nick Carraway, it was at his house that we were finally able to see and talk to each other again. I was so anxious and embarrassed, I remember thinking that it was a mistake. The day turned around as we talked and became comfortable, I got the chance to impress her with my house.
Tom Buchanan Insisted that I take his blue coupé to go into town and that he ride in my car. Daisy rode with me up to town because I couldn't confront Tom at his house. The day was hot but it was going pretty well, I had Daisy by my side and we were going to confront Tom.
Phone calls were business, communication over the phone was essential in the business I was in. Keeping up with these calls were important in making money.
A photo of my good friend and partner, Meyer Wolfsheim, who helped me to become wealthy. I couldn't buy regular clothes so I had to keep wearing my uniform and I remember asking him for a job, that's when he took me out to dinner and he fed me. He started me in the business and the wealth that I have accumulated wouldn't have been possible without him.
Many guests arrived at my house because it was a party with free alcoholic drinks. I never drank much because I saw what it could do when I was with Dan Cody but alcohol was my business. Without alcohol, I had no business because I was selling grain alcohol over the counter.
I did extremely well in the war and I came out covered in medals. I accepted commission as first lieutenant and was promoted to be a major because I performed well during the Argonne battles.
I went to Daisy's house with other officers from Camp Taylor, that was the first time I met her. Her house was so beautiful and I was amazed. It was back at her house in Louisville that I fell in love with her.
A souvenir of my Oxford days, I keep the photograph taken in Trinity Quad. It is quite a fine thing to tell others that I went to Oxford, I was sent there after the Armistice. While I was still at Oxford, I received Daisy's letter.
Much happened in my yellow car but the most important thing that happened was when I first talked to Nick Carraway about initiating my plan to see Daisy again. Nick was especially a very good friend to me, he was there when I needed him.
I kept all the letters from Daisy, they remind me of our love for each other. We wrote to each other much during the war, it was how we communicated. When I received the letter that she was getting married to a man by the name of Tom Buchanan, I wrote her a letter to try and change her mind.
This picture represents my childhood, my real past and name. James Gatz, but I kept a promise to myself that I would be more. I always had a sense of hope for myself in the future. My family didn't have anything but it taught me to improve myself and vow to become something great.
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