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Origin Of Confucianism

A description of the origins of the religion of confucianism.

Jia Hao

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Origin Of Confucianism

CONFUCIANISM QUICK FACTS Confucianism formed in 500 B.C.E.
It originated in China.
It has around 5 million followers around the globe.
They worship various gods and ancestors.
They have three sacred texts; Analects(Lunyu), The Five Classics(Wujing), The Four Books(Sishu). QUICK FACTS QUICK FACTS Confucianism has a well-known ideological system that was created by Confucius.
Some people say that Confucuianism is not a religion because there are no deities and teachings about the afterlife. In the eyes of many, Confucius is the greatest influence over the chinese people.
He was born 551 B.C. in Qufu(formerly known as Lu) in China.
His father died at an early age and despite a hard life he dedicated himself to study.
He proposed a set of principles concerning study; "Studying without thinking leads to confusion, thinking without studying leads to laziness."
He believed that the morals of life were to make full use of your personality, intelligence, and to do what is good for the state and the world around you. LIFE OF CONFUCIUS At around 300 B.C. Confucianism coexisted with Buddhism and Taoism.
Confucianism, for many Chinese is a rational religion and easy to comprehend without extending their imagination.
Confucianism is more of a demanding life philosophy that requires severe discipline, sacrifice. DEVELOPMENT HISTORY The concepts of Yin and Yang are central to the Chinese religion, and philosophy as a whole.
The symbol itself is known world-wide.
The Yin and Yang is about the interplay of opposites.
For example: In order to have life, there must be death. In order to rest, you must have exertion. In order for there to be good, there must be evil. YIN AND YANG THE END Tan Jing Hong,
Wang Wei
Zhang Ling,Yubin Done By: Credits: http://www.religionfacts.com/a-z-religion-index/confucianism.htm Afterlife and Salvation Kongzi stated that the afterlife was beyond human comprehension. Humans should live and behave in such a way as to promote ideal social relations, rather than to act based on the expectations of rewards or punishments after death. In Confucian terms, a meaningful life is one in which one develops one's innate moral potential to the fullest while fulfilling all of one's social obligations. At the same time, from a Confucian perspective, one cannot live fully in the present without being fully responsible to the past, both in terms of paying respect to one's ancestors and making the best of what they have left behind. Here is one popular conception:
One soul state went to the grave with the body;
One soul state went to the Ten Courts of Judgment or Ten Courts of Hell,and was eventually reborn;
And one soul state remained in or near the ancestral tablet on the family altar.
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