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The Fifties

No description

Tara Storm

on 9 December 2018

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Transcript of The Fifties

The Fifties
Table of Contents:
Page: The Fifties
Page: Fifties Gallery Walk

I will assess the 1950s

The Nifty Fifties (1950s)
Gallery Walk
President Eisenhower (1953-1961)
The Political Spectrum
Eisenhower Scenarios
Closing Writing Prompt
How did President Eisenhower's politics contribute to 1950s culture?

Paragraph #1
: Describe Eisenhower's politics
Paragraph #2
: How does his politics contribute to 1950s Culture
Look up the definition of conform in your notebook.

How do people "conform" in today's society?
-"Culture of conformity"
- Mass culture
-By 1960, 90% of Americans had televisions in their homes
-"Nuclear families", Mom+Dad, and the "white picket fence" lifestyle
-Creation of highway system leads to "suburbia"
-Revitalization of traditional American values
Kennedy v. Nixon
With your worksheet, collect descriptions for the different 1950s happenings.
-Use bullet point/summarization
-Work silently
-Work individually
-Show Ms. Storm when you're finished
-World War II General, led the D-Day Normandy victory
-Well-liked by both parties, viewed as an"optimist" or "War hero"
-Had a mix of both
-Both party sought him out for election in 1952
Notable achievements
: Integrating Little Rock 9, creating highway system
Notable criticisms
: Did not speak out against McCarthy, "Operation Wetback"
Liberal (Left)
Moderate (Center)
Conservative (Right)
A system of classifying or organizing political positions
Left Wing
Right Wing
Using excerpts from Eisenhower's speeches, decide whether or no you think he is showing left, moderate, or right wing politics.

Make sure to explain your reasoning!
Eisenhower Webquest
1. Open Google Classroom.
2. Follow the links in the assignment.
3. Complete by end of the class period.
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