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King Henry VIII Family Tree

No description

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of King Henry VIII Family Tree

King Henry VIII Family Tree
Children of King James IV
King Henry VIII second wife
~Catherine of Aragon

~Mother of Mary I

~Divorced because Henry didn't think
the marriage was vaild
James IV of Scotland
Married to Margret Tudor, Queen of Scots
James V
King Henry VIII decapitated his wife, Anne Boylen, because she could not bare him a son

Henry's son, Edward VI inherited the throne after Henry's death

Edward died and Mary took over as ruler, but murdered hundreds of Protestants, earning the name "Bloody Mary"

~Died Dec. 14, 1542
~Born April 10, 1512
~Took over the throne after Elizabeth died
~Reign was from Sept. 9, 1513-1514 and Dec. 1542
Where it began
King Henry VIII

~Anne Boylen
~Mother of Elizabeth the 1 of England.
~Queen of England from 1533-1536
First wife Anne Boylen
~Decapitated Anne Boylen
because she couldn't produce
a son
~In 1533, he took control of the
English Church from Rome.
Mary 1 of England
-Mary got the name Bloody Mary after executing hundreds of Protestants
-Fought and gained the throne and declared her kingdom Catholic once again
Elizabeth 1 of England
-Established English Protestant Church which has evolved into the modern church of England
-Born September 7, 1533
-Died March 24, 1603
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