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A task-based Lesson

This a sample of a tak-based lesson for Touchstone level 2

Catherine Rodriguez

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of A task-based Lesson

for the tasks. Communicative task Rehearsal Having rehearsed, students are able
to report in front of the class. Language focus Controlled and
free practice STORES FREE- TIME
PLACES SERVICES Task 1: Look at these categories.
What words can you think of for each one?
Share ideas with your group. Task 3:
Practice the conversation
in pairs. Task 4:
Using ideas from the vocabulary section,
create a conversation about places in the picture and their location. Task 2:
Listen to the conversation.
A woman is asking for help.
What's she looking for? Task 5:
Take 5 minutes to prepare
your oral presentation. Task 6:
Go in front of the class and
perform your conversation. Task 7:
While your partners talk,
write down the expression they use
to say where places are and
how they ask in
singular and plural between is there? Look at the grammar chart
on your book.
Listen and repeat. Read the transcript from the conversation. Compare with your notes. Do you have any coincidences? Task 8:
Look at the map on pg. 54.
Complete the questions with:
"is there a?" and "are there any?" Task: 9
Swap partners and
do the task again
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