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9th Vocab

No description

Rebecca Rivera

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of 9th Vocab

Vocabulary Words with A(an): “not,” “without”

1. Amoral
2. Amorphous
3. Anarchy
4. Anemia
5. Anesthesia
6. Anesthetic
7. Anhydrous
8. Anomalous
9. Anomaly
16.Atypical Vocab Words using
BIO: “life”
1. Abiogenesis
2. (ant. biogenesis)
3. Amphibious
4. Antibiotic
5. Autobiography
6. Biochemistry
7. Biocidal
8. Biodegradable
9. Biogenesis
10. Biography
11. Biology
12. Biometry
13. Biometrics
14. Biopsy
15. Biota
16. Microbe
17. Symbiosis Vocabulary Words using CRED (CREDIT): “believe”
1. Accredited – adj. officially authorized or recognized; provided with credentials

2. Credence – n. belief as to the truth of something

3. Credentials – documents, letters, references, etc., that inspire believe of trust

4. Credit – belief; faith; trust

5. Credulous – adj. too ready to believe; easily deceived

6. Creed – n. summary of principles believed in or adhered to (or credo)

7. Discredit – n. loss of belief or trust; damage to one’s reputation; disgrace

8. Incredible – adj. not believable

9. Incredulity – disbelief
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