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moemoe :)

last trip to abroad

gwengwen domingo

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of moemoe :)

Rizal in Singapore Several Filipino residents of Singapore, headed by Don Manuel Camus boarded the steamer, urging him to stay in Singapore to save his life. Don Manuel Camus Don Pedro In the travel diary, Rizal wrote:
" I haveobserved some changes:
There more Chinese merchants and less Indians. . .
I boughta Chinese gown. . .
Singapore has changed much since I saw it for the first time in1882." prepared by : Gwendolyn G. Domingo
BEED 4B End of the Report!!!!
thanks for watching:) Singapore isla de panay The Isla de panay arrived at Singapore in the evening of September 7. The following morning Rizal and other passangers went ashore for sightseeing and shopping for souviners. Don Pedro,with his son, disembarked at Singapore. He advised Rizal to stay behind too and take advantage of the protection of the British law. Rizal did not heed his advice. He also ignored the appeal because he had given his word of honor to Governor General Blanco and he did not like to break it. Gov. Gen Blanco Last trip abroad Former Captain Gen. in Cuba Victim of Spanish Duplicity. By refusing to break his word of honor in Singapore, Rizal sealed his own doom. For without his knowledge, Governor Blanco was secretly conspiring with the Ministers of War and the Colonies (ultramar) for his destruction Rizal's greatest mistakes was to believe that Governor General Blanco was a man of honor and a friend because he allowed him to go as a free man to Spain to become a physician-surgeon of the Spanish army in Cuba, where a bloody revolution was raging, and gave him two nice letters of introduction addressed to the Spanish Ministers of War and the Colonies. Rizal Arrested Before Reaching Barcelona

. The
Isla de Panay,
with Rizal on board, left Singapore at 1:00 p.m., September 8. Unaware of the Spanish duplicity,particularly of Governor General Blanco's infernal deceit, he happily continued the voyage towards Barcelona. On September 28, a day after the steamer had left Port Said (Mediterraneanterminus of the Suez Canal), a passenger told Rizal the bad news that he would bearrested by order of Governor General Blanco and would be sent to prison in Cueta(Spanish Morocco), opposite Gibraltar. On September 29, Rizal wrote in his travel diary: "There are peopleon board who do nothing but slander me and invent fanciful stories about me. I'm goingto become a legendary personage." Arrival in Barcelona as a Prisoner . About 6:25 p.m., September 30, the steamer anchored at Malta. Being confined to his cabin, Rizal was not able to visit the famous island-fortress of the Christian crusaders.
On October 3, at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, theIsla de Panay arrived in Barcelona, with Rizal a prisoner on board. The trip from Manila to Barcelona lasted exactly 3o days. He was kept under heavy guard in his cabin for three days. Military Commander of Barcelona, whohappened to be General Eulogio Despujol, the same one who ordered his banishment to Dapitan in July, 1892. It was one of those coincidences in the lives of men that make"history stranger than fiction." At 3:00 a.m. On October 6, Rizal was awakened by the guards and escorted to the grim and infamous prison-fortress named Monjuich. He spent the whole morning in a cell. About 2:00 in the afternoon, he was taken out of prison by the guards and brought to the headquarters of General Despujo. In the interview, which lasted a quarter of an hour, the brusque general told Rizal that he would be shipped back to Manila on board the transport ship Colon which was leaving that evening. After the Interview, Rizal was taken abroad the Colon . which was "full of soldiers and officers and their families." At 8:00 p.m., October 6, the ship left Barcelona,with Rizal on board. submitted to :
Mr.Ryan R.Pecson CHAPTER 23
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