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Progetto Italiano Junior 1,2, and 3

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gianna barlupi

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Progetto Italiano Junior 1,2, and 3

Progetto Italiano Junior 1,2, and 3
My process for selecting
"Progetto Italiano"
1. searched online for all publishers
of Italian textbooks
2. focused on 3 in particular that are
located in Italy
(Alama, Edilingua, and Guerra)
3. sent "copia saggio" emails
requesting sample copies
4. Edilingua's "Progetto Italiano"
seemed the best choice because...
Why a new book?
-In college I usedIl Nuovo Progetto Italiano. Similar name but different content designed for European students.
-Similar structure though, which I liked.
-In addition we also used "Parliamo Italiano" which is like "Prego" which I found satisfactory at best.
1. The current book is "Prego"
2. Published by an American company (contains some grammar errors and out-of-date phraseology)
3. Designed for university courses
4. Much too fast paced
5. Some inappropriate content for high-schoolers
1. Pace:
A. separate text and workbook sections
-workbook section contains numerous exercises for reinforcement

Why I like Progetto Junior?
B. presentation of grammar topics
difficult topics divided for understandability [not so w/ university books]
-scaffolding-topics are often "pre-introduced"
-recycling of previous subject matters so students continually see important points
2. Common theme weaved throughout:
-comic strip w/ same characters
-intriguing design
-accompanying audio and

[all other books have dialogues that aren't related]
3. Relevancy:
A. Publication dates:
-Prego 1980, 1984, 1990, 1995, 2000, & 2004
-Progetto Italiano Junior 1 and 2 March 2011 and 3 June 2012
Therefore more up-to-date with current spoken Italian
B. Designed for
-characters in comic strip talk about relatable issues plus cell phones, similar tv shows, movies, music, etc.
-realistic expressions that
young people actually
4. The extras:
A. Audio CD of comic strip dialogue that students can review at home
B. DVD of additional scenes b/n characters [includes game show & interviews with real Italian teenagers]
C. CDROM for the instructor for interactive white board
-allows teacher to virtually do activities together
D. I-D-E-E "italiano–
-online community for teacher and student
-additional activites (correctable and printable)
-teachers create classes and can post assignments and notes
-studens can communicate with their class and other students
-teachers can create lesson plans
-teachers can create quizzes and flashcards
-students can create blog posts
*Pricing for online platform:
-comes free with book but
4.45 euro ($6.11) [per 50 hours]
X 130 students=
-30% discount=
but for teachers totally free
(regardless of whether using edilingua or not)
"the school can also purchase access time for all of its students, wtih a discount of up to 30% on the total price and no added fees (the codes are sent via email)."
1. i-d-e-e
2. video DVD
3. interactive white board
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