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The bridge

No description

Carla Rodríguez

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of The bridge

Our Proyect...
The bridge
The process
The tools
The materials
Our structure is...
The process
We took the materials and the tools to do the road with depressors and toothpicks and we painted it.
First, we took the base and we painted it with blue tempera.
We made the tower with depressors and toothpicks,too. We joined it, and we finished the towers.
At the end,we joined all the parts and we put the bridge on the base.
After that,we made the base of the towers with depressors. We joined them and we painted them with gold-colour.
The tools are a stapler, scissors, a ruler, and a pistol of silicone.
Pistol of silicone
The materials are pen, glue, paint, clips, depressors, toothpicks, staples, silicone, tape, spray and plasticine

The end!
Dámaris Álvarez Rojas
Pilar Rodríguez Otal
Carla A. Rodríguez
Frida Salazar Martín
Carolina M. Torres Rodríguez
Marina Trives Gómez

Our structure is...
RIGID because of...
STABLE because of...
RESISTANT because of...
the triangles, they are at the towers and between the two towers.
the foundations of the towers.
the toothpicks, because we put a lot of toothpicks and it makes the structure resistant.
Dámaris Álvarez Rojas
Pilar Rodríguez Otal
Carla Rodríguez Rodríguez
Frida Salazar Martín
Carolina Torres Rodríguez
Marina Trives Gómez.
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