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Why did Canada need Confederation? How did Confederation happen?

reasons and steps

katherine fernandez

on 25 June 2010

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Transcript of Why did Canada need Confederation? How did Confederation happen?

Why did Canada need Confederation? reasons British facing different kinds of problems political deadlock fenian raids need for a railway each colony or pronvince had their own reasons Afraid of an American Land Takeover cancellation of the Reciprocity Treaty creation of a new British Colonial Policy Factors that led to Confederation * What is Political Deadlock - a situation where no one can move or win in government. * American Land Takeover - the government of Canada was afraid that the United States would come up and take over The colony of British Columbia and Rupert's Land. * Fenians - were Irish Nationals who lived in United States, they hated Britain because of English Rules in their country * Transportation Problems - the colonies were not connected in any way, transportation * Cancellation of Reciprocity Treaty - a free trade policy whereby products were allowed into US without taxes or tariffs. * British Colonial Policy - whereby Britain no longer wanted to maintain troops in its colonies nor support it through the spending of money. How did Confederation happen? What were the steps
to Canada's Confederation? How did Confederation happen? * Military rule
* Royal Proclamation
* Quebec Act
* American Revolution The three Confederation Conferences of Canada * The Quebec Conference * The Charlotte Conference * The London Conference = The First Conference = * Charlotte Conference - This meeting was all about discussion and presentation on the possibility of a union. In this conference the politicians from the Province of Canada convinced the politicians from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island to join the union. This happened September 1864. = The Second Conference = * Quebec Conference- Invite representatives from the three Maritime colonies and Newfoundland to meet with the United Canada delegates in Quebec in October, 1864. Although Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland both took part, after the conference they both decided not to join Confederation that time. = The Third Conference = * London Conference- the two previous conferences proposal of confederation between the colonies. They agreed that forming a country would be the best solution. The document they created was the British North America Act, once British Parliament approved it... Confederation can go ahead. Their next step is to convinced Britain. By: Katherine Fernandez
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