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Paul 01- The Life of the Apostle Paul

Saul's early life before his conversion

Paul Evans

on 7 April 2018

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Transcript of Paul 01- The Life of the Apostle Paul

Click anywhere & add an idea 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 The Life of the Apostle Paul Aims of the Addresses Get a clearer view of the context surrounding:
- the man himself
- his background
- his travels
- his audience
Take ideas from numerous sources
- Scripture
- external
Some ideas will make assumptions Address One:
'Before his Conversion' His name His family His birth His nationality His occupation His education His mission Jerusalem Tarsus
"No mean city" "At 10 AD, Saul of Tarsus, the later Saint Paul (Paulus) was born here" http://www.anatolia.luwo.be/destinations/tarsus.html "It is not improbable that he was born between A.D. 0 and A.D. 5" Smith's Bible Dictionary Where? When? 4BC? Birth of Christ? 30? Crucifixion and ascension? Praenomen Nomen Cognomen Our 'forename', used within the family or to close friends, a personal name. Or 'nomen gentile'- our family name, a clan name. Used for official records. An additional 'nickname' for the elite (patricians). Gaius Julius Caesar Saul ? Paullus Roman Names Acts 21:39: of Tarsus Capital of Cilicia Wealthy On Trade route Hellenised (education) Mouth of river Cydnus (now
silted up- 12m inland) Assyria Hittite Persia (400BC) Greece (333BC) Seleucid > Ptolemeic Rome (66BC) Tarsians received tax exemption- a favoured city NOT 'Roman citizenship' as we understand Acts 22:28- Paul did not buy his own citizenship.
It was inherited A more noble family? (Jewish colonists had been
favoured by the Seleucids) Many important visitors to Tarsus:
Pompey, Julius Caesar, Marc Anthony, Augustus Fertile land Acts 22:27: Roman citizen Phil 3:4-5: Hebrew Very little known Parents not mentioned Acts 23:12-16- Sister, nephew:
In Jerusalem, access to authorities 1 Sam 15:10-11,17
Head and shoulders above Acts 22:3 Studied under Gamaliel, grandson of Hillel 2 Cor 11:22 "so am I" Acts 5:33-40 Converted to Christianity? The man who taught Saul the terrorist?? Acts 18:1-3 Possible chronology of Saul's early life: AD 5- birth AD 17 (aged 12)- sent to Jerusalem to complete education under Gamaliel Gal 1:14- good student AD 25 (aged 20)- returned to Tarsus to learn trade AD 27-30- Jesus' ministry/ crucifixion AD 30 (aged 25)- Saul hears of Jesus of Nazareth and teaching of 'false doctrine' and heads to Jerusalem AD 30-31 (aged 25-26)- Saul, star graduate of Gamaliel, joins/ leads persecution against Ecclesia Acts 6:9-14- Saul? Acts 7:58- Certainly there Acts 8:1-3- a man with authority
Acts 22:3-5; 26:9-11 but... Acts 8:4- the works of Saul before his conversion perhaps aided the spreading of the Gospel as much as afterwards! 1 Tim 1:13- "I did it ignorantly in unbelief"
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