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Business Online (Unit 12) lesson 1&2 - Understanding different online activities

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Ben Whittingham

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Business Online (Unit 12) lesson 1&2 - Understanding different online activities

Double click anywhere & add an idea Unit 12- Business Online

Ben Whittingham What we're going
to be doing Look through scheme of work Understand the range of
online business activities Understand the purpose of
different businesses going online Understand the sectors that operate online and how their aims and objectives may differ Identify types of online presence
and construction features How? Individual, pair and group work Online and offline activities Group discussions and question and answering Activity
On your own write down as many different type of businesses that operate online.

e.g Barking and Dagenham college Board blast Think of examples. Group discussion
Before thinking about the purpose of these businesses going online we need to think about their aims and objectives of going online.

From the businesses/organisations you have said go online, what might their aims and objectives be for being online?

Do all businesses do the same things online? The range of business activities Direct online selling of goods Direct online selling of services Government Services Information Internet Services Advertising and Marketing Education Recap Sectors online What are the 3 main sectors in business? Give me examples of private, public and voluntary sector businesses/organisations 5 minutes Group activity
Research online business activities further. Find 3 more examples in each category. Activity

For each sector, choose one business and identify its purpose, its aim and objective for going online Summary Name an online business activity What purpose might a charity have for going online? Give me an example of a public sector organisation operating online What aim and objective might the Odeon Cinema website have? Home work

Write down this link

Write up your notes from today's lesson.
3 businesses online, activity, purpose and an aim and objective of them going online

We will use this as the basis for the beginning of next lesson. This is the whole of your P1 http://tiny.cc/k0gnn Lesson 2 Objectives
1. Identify the different types of online presence
2. Investigate the various construction features
3. Issue and discuss assignment one Starter
Everyone get out the questions you prepared for your homework Types of online presence Depends on.......

aims and objectives of the website
Simple or sophisticated depending upon size and scale of the business Brochureware Basic type of website Designed to provide information about products or a service simply and effectively Used by small businesses like florists, caterers, hairdressers. Few linked pages illustrating the place or products - like a brochure online. Simple pictures of staff/products, price list, opening hours, reviews and contact details Complement offline activities ail order ervice organisations Medi Inviting online transactions Provide information as well as receiving online payments Examples? Why do websites often ask customers to register and sign in before purchasing? Interactive Customisation What do you think this means? Can you think of any examples? Providing information only e.g. BDC, local authorities, removal firms, caterers, small businesses The internet grows all the time. Does this mean every business should have some online presence? In groups, list the benefits you think a business gains be being online. Then see if you can identify any businesses that would not benefit from being online. 15 minutes - Construction features case study in groups - Answer questions 1, 3, 4 and 5 Summary Describe 3 types of online business activities Explain why the aims of a website for a business in the public, private and voluntary sector are likely to be different Explain the difference between brochureware and inviting online online transactions What is meant by "interactive product customisation"? SOW Aims and objectives of the user

It depends on the purpose of the business and what it wants to achieve.

Sell goods and/or services
Supplement goods and services offered offline
Provide information about goods or services
Advertise and promote a brand or the business as a whole
Launch new products or ideas
Improve communications with customers
Obtain donations for a charitable cause It is important that a business is clear about what it wants to achieve and that it knows its customers because these factors will influence it's online activity and the features of the website. Activity

On your worksheets say what kind of online business activity each business takes part in Which kind of business might have a basic brochureware website? Get homework out from last week What are construction features?

For homework write a list of all the features you can find on Amazon.co.uk. This will be a long list.

Ensure you bring it next week so we can use it as the basis for the lesson
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