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New Managers' Orientation

How to use Prezi - Interface and workflow

Sarah Sarraj

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of New Managers' Orientation

Thank you! Policies Willingness to share the glory Openness Optimism Success requires:
A working philosophy of people management
A positive attitude
People skills
Proficiency with the basic human resource management procedures Manage Congratulations! The need for proficiency in the organization’s day-to-day activities
Issues that need to be faced
Problems that need creative solutions
People that need help Role It's time to pinpoint Keys to successful supervisors & managers. Now you have a great overview of a manager's role Succeed Planning your progress as a supervisor Outline for the workshop: Planning: Good news: Success is impossible without effective and efficient management. 1. 3. People above you in the organization
People you supervise
Other middle managers and supervisors on the same level as you
You now have a 360 degree position! 2. As a new supervisor, your past accomplishments are being recognized.
You are making a career change; not just a job change.
What “has been” for you is different from what “will be”.
This workshop is designed to help you get started in your supervisor role. Your role is to see both the big picture of the university and to see where you and your people fit in.
Your role is to be a linchpin
To be the glue that helps hold things together
To be a central cohesive source of support and stability in the organization Cool!
I want that! HR Policies: Infomative Succeeding as a supervisor Empathy Trust Fairness People Skills to Succeed as a supervisor: Think in terms of what you can control
and improve within your area of
responsibility You as a supervisor may not be able to change some of the basic HR procedures that are flawed. Boss or buddy? Three-part guideline for a few supervisors:

Become a good buddy of each employee
Expect employees to become good buddies with each other
Hire only people who can and want to be close friends with their supervisors and coworkers Each supervisor has a boss or buddy choice to make
The guideline for most supervisors:
Be friendly with all employees
Be buddies with no employees Key points to keep in mind: Being a boss implies a business relationship while being a buddy implies a friendship. We have much different expectations of our friends than of our bosses. We expect friendships to be emotional,to last a long time and to require great effort. Conducting job analyses & designing jobs
Writing job descriptions
Interviewing and hiring
Orienting and training
Appraising performance
Providing compensation and benefits
Complying with the law 1. Introduction to the supervisor’s role
2. Overview of the five functions of
3. Successful supervisors and managers
4. Succeeding as a supervisor
5. Boss or buddy
6. Planning your progress as a supervisor What makes supervisors
(middle managers) important? The ongoing process of developing the university’s mission and goals
􀂄Determining how goals will be accomplished
􀂄Required at every level of the university
􀂄The foundation for the other four functions of management Organizing: Establish the internal structure of the team
Divide up the work, coordinate tasks and allocate resources
Delegate authority Staffing: Fill all positions with qualified people
Recruit, hire, orient, train, evaluate and compensate
Anticipate the need for replacements Leading: Influencing employees’ behavior through motivation, communication, group dynamics, leadership and discipline.
Channel employees’ behavior toward university goals while helping them accomplish their own career goals Monitoring: Establish standards for performance based on university goals
Measure and report actual performance
Compare actual performance to standards
Take corrective or preventive action as necessary Think of the best manager you have ever known...
now think of the poorest manager you have ever known... What three characteristics best describe each of these managers? Communication
Conflict management and resolution
Evaluation and feedback A potential limitation to your
success as a supervisor Basic HR Procedures Decide And focus on the important parts Success with whom will you work as a supervisor? I would like to go over new supervisor training with you. my name is Sarah.
Do you have a few minutes? Hi, Once you have decided what kind of supervisor you want to be... start planning your progress as a supervisor. Progress Planning progress: One more thing.. Closing Challenge In becoming a supervisor, you have been given an opportunity.

What you do with the opportunity rests
primarily in your hands... And remember!
Communication is the key:
Make a plan
Be brief
Ask for a response
Don't wait for annual review
Soften the message I will leave you with a recipe for problem solving Refine your working philosophy of people management
Choose one attitude to concentrate on for improvement
Select two people skills to improve
Focus on no more than three HR procedures to improve Believe that success as a supervisor opens many doors! Final note Equal Employment Opportunity
American with Disability
Exempt-Non-Exempt Employee Status
Education Benefits Accidents - Injuries Reporting
Corrective Action to Undesirable Behavior
Grievance Procedure
Seperation from the University HR Policy Procedure Vacation
Sick Leave
Short-Term Disability
Family Medical Leave Paid time off Questions Bad news: The best management possible does not guarantee success. Planning

By doing this: Ideas What managers do... So are you boss or buddy? So are you boss or buddy?
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