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Prezi Introduction

No description

Paul Wiech

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Introduction

Introduction to Prezi Adding Text Themes Frames and Layouts Videos Adding PPT and PDF Shapes and Graphics Importing Video From the top menu, click Media > From File... and choose the video you want to import.

For YouTube, click Media > From YouTube and paste the videos link into the space.

TIP: You can also import YouTube by pasting the links as text directly into your Prezi Click anywhere on the canvas to open a text box. Type your text into the text box and then click anywhere on the canvas to close. The Transformation Tool When clicking the "Add Frames" button you can choose to add a layout Click on an item in your Prezi to bring up the Transformation Tool and let the editing begin. From the menu, click PowerPoint
Choose the .ppt or .pptx file you want to import.
Drag your slides from the sidebar to the canvas, or click Insert all.
You can also choose to add a path between them. Use the Color Wizard to customize Prezi theme colors, and select a font set from the Wizard's font library. For more information, check out the tutorials on the Learn tab on the main Prezi web page as well as more at my wikispace. http://tinyurl.com/cr7ba5l TTL Celebrations June 21, 2010 Images
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