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How did consumerism change in the 1920’s? why?

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jeniffer melendez

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of How did consumerism change in the 1920’s? why?

U.S History Quiz Show
topic:Increase in Consumerism

Topic Questions
2nd Set of Questions!
How did consumerism change in the 1920’s? why?
The 1920’s introduced mass production, increasing new markets, and new inventions. The 1920’s saw a burst of personal prosperity and a higher quality of life. With more consumer money available, manufacturers needed to find a way to make consumers buy products they did not necessarily need.
How did easy credit contribute to the boom times in the 1920’s?
It encouraged Americans to buy limitless number of products on the installment plan believing that they could pay their debts over time.
What problems might easy credit have caused in the decades following the 1920’s?
Some buyers reached a point where paying off their debts forced them to reduce other purchases. This low consumption then led to manufacturers cutting down production and laying off employees.
How did advertising change in the 1920’s?
Advertising in the 1920’s focused on the psychology of buying appealing to people’s needs, desires, and pleasures. Advertising was vital to consumerism making people feel dissatisfied with what they had causing them to buy everything they thought they needed.
What were some of the modern techniques used by advertisers?
-Radio commercials
-newspaper ads

How did the installment plan work for American consumers?
Installment plans allowed consumers to buy goods on credit by paying a small amount of money initially and then paying off the remainder in monthly installments.
What was a popular way of spending money that the whole family enjoyed?
In Cinema tickets!
In the 1920s, the most important innovation in cinema was the addition of sound to film.
How is this advertisement trying to convince people to purchase Nation Oats?
The newly invented ________ ____ allowed for making cars faster, and making the automobile industry larger.
Assembly line
It makes kids strong and muscular!
What was a popular drink that may people bought in the 1920’s?
What did this encourage buyers to practice?
Installment plans, with these plans people with modest incomes could buy goods that would otherwise be beyond their reach.
As propaganda began to evolve, what did advertisements use to try and get adults to purchase their products?
What became a new and fun from of entertainment?
Hint: stars with "R"
The radio was a tool for mass communication were people informed themselves on current issues or danced to music.
What was a mass produced product that people bought as a way of transportation?
What company was most favorable for the automobile industry?
Ford, its low prices were made possible by its mass-production methods.
Vacuum cleaners, electric irons, washing machines, refrigerators, gas stoves, and improved glass cookware.
What was a typical house appliance that many women bought? ( up to 5 answers)
As per capita increased and new goods were being produced and more people began to use 50% of there earnings on necessities instead of 60%, what did people begin to begin to waste?
What is this referring to?
Installment plans, Americas bought 75% of their radios and 60% of their automobiles on the installment plan. Some started buying on credit at a faster rate than their incomes increased.
Thank you for participating in our Quiz Show!
Why did women buy household appliances?
Household appliances meant that women did not have to spend so long carrying out boring household chores meaning they had time to spare. Also made cleaning easier!
1st Set of Questions
3rd Set of Questions
Final Round
What greatly reduced the amount of time
spent cleaning rugs and carpets?
Vacuum Cleaners
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