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Good Sex (week 2)

No description

Aaron Dawson

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Good Sex (week 2)

What's your definition of How did you come up with that definition? How is intimacy different from lust? Do you think intimacy is more a "girl thing" or a "guy thing"? 1.Do you think intimacy almost always leads toward sex?
a.Absolutely not because...
b.Maybe, maybe not because…
c.Absolutely because…

2.What do you think girls are after in a relationship?

3.What do you think guys are after in a relationship?

4.Do you think sex is the most intimate act that humans can perform?
a.Absolutely not because...
b.Maybe, maybe not because…
c.Absolutely because…

Group Q's... Guys are after... Girls are after... “Studies show that the primary desire of adolescent girls in romantic relationships is intimacy. A survey in Seventeen magazine showed that a full 40% of participating teens reported that they had assured a potential love interest that they would consent to just a “hook-up” when what they really wanted was a relationship” (Hooked, 61). “After we began having sex I felt dead inside a lot. I almost felt like I was invisible, except when we would have sex. Then I would feel alive for those few minutes. I would crave sex for that feeling.”

– Jennifer, 19 “She wanted to do it- I didn’t push her or anything. But when it was over she cried and acted like it was a big mistake. I wish it hadn’t happened. But we can’t take it back and now everything is messed up.”

-Andy, 15 “It is clear that the brain is still developing during puberty… Both boys and girls who have had sex are three times more likely to be depressed than their friends who are still virgins” (Hooked, 20). Why are sexually active adolescents more likely to be depressed than their abstaining peers?
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