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The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

No description

Colton Janzen

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

by Colton Janzen
The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson
Jack came to Canada July 10 1912
Jack and Polly started off their lives together in Kilncadzow Scotland where things were going good until Jack was caught stealing money from his brother in law in order to pay off his brothers debt. Jack leaves for Canada, Polly is expecting their second child.
Jack had a lot of fear and was scared since he stole money from brother in law so he was considered a thief.
Jack settles in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. August 1912
Jack is hired in Saskatoon, on a bridge and building crew. Jack had the ambition to work and pay off his brother in law for the money he stole from him.
Polly has second child October 1912
Jack misses the birth of their second child.
Jack tries to join the army in hopes to get back to his country (Scotland) August 5 1914
Jack tries to enlist but he is turned down. He joins the RNWMP where the standards are not as high, he gets the position because of the shortage of men available. Jack tried to get into the army for love since then he would be over near Scotland he could make his way back to his wife easier.
Jack is posted in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan July 1915
Jack who is in his mid thirties is quickly excepted as a part of the small community. He becomes a friend of the Patterson family, and takes a special interest in Jessie Patterson who is 16. Jack had fallen in love with a brand new girl younger than Polly.
John (also known as Jack) proposed to Polly in 1906 Jack was so crazy about Polly that if her parents denied him Polly's hand he would blow his brains out. John acted this way is because he was madly in love.
John Wilson marries the love of his life Mary (Polly) Hutchinson
They got married January 1st 1908
Jack lies about his wife to the people of Blaine Lake.
May 1917
Jack tells John Patterson that his wife is dead. He did this for the love of Jessie.
Jack diagnosed with tuberculosis August 1917
Jack becomes very sick his doctor diagnoses him with tuberculosis.
Spanish Flu Pandemic started spring of 1918
The Spanish flu spread quickly, killing an estimated 20 million people around the world in from 1918-1919
Polly arrives in Canada
April 18 1918
After Polly arrives in Canada she goes to the detachment and tracks jack down in Prince Albert, they make plans to meet in Saskatoon. Polly came to Canada since she was worried and scared for Jack.
Polly is expecting for the third time
April 21 1918
Even though its obvious that Jack and Polly have lost there spark, Polly still makes plans to bring over the kids and have a happy life in Canada.
Jessie moves to Prince Albert and becomes a nurse
June 1918
Jack disliked the fact that Jessie was working.
Jack buys a marriage license
September 27 1918
The salesman finds it odd that when Jack buys a marriage license and he asks Jack's marital status, Jack hesitantly says Bachelor. When the sales man tries to sell him a ring, his offer is denied.
Jack was put in charge of a subdivision of the military police.
Jack puts his plan to kill Polly to action
September 20 1918
Jack tells Polly that they are moving to Saskatoon, but first they are going to Blaine Lake to explain to Jessie that he is a married man. Jack stops to shoot some geese but instead shoots Polly. Jack buries Polly under the culvert. When Jack goes to leave the scene he keeps circling back to the culvert and at one point doesn't pay attention to driving and hits the ditch. Jacks car is ruined so to make sure they wouldn't find his wife he burnt the car. Jack kept circling back since he had spent how many years with Polly now he killed her.
Jack marries Jessie
September 29 1918

Jack was extremely nervous not because he was getting married but most likely because he killed his wife and hid the body. Jack was having flashbacks of Polly when he killed her and it constantly haunts him.
John was hung to death
April 23 1920

Sgt. John Wilson was hung to death for the murder of his first wife Polly. The exact day of Johns death his new son with Jessie was born.
John is arrested
November 7 1919

Sgt. John Wilson is arrested and charged with the murder of his wife Polly.
Jack moved for a promotion he received at work
September 17 1918
The trial begins
February 2 1920
On February 2 1920 Sgt. John Wilson is put on trial for the murder of his wife Mary (Polly) Wilson.
End of trial
February 5 1920
February 5 1920 the trial for Sgt. John Wilson is over, John is found guilty of murdering of his wife. Sgt. John Wilson is sentenced to death.
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