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Culture Identity Project

No description

Shanna Hilger

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Culture Identity Project

Culture Identity Project Family It has always been just the five of us. My mom, Cindy, who
came from a family of 6. My dad, Shorty, who came come a
family of 10. My two sisters, Shea and Shaunice, and the
baby of the family, me! My sisters are my best
friends. I grew up looking
up to them. They have
played a big part in who I
am today. My family, In-laws,
and friends ,all have
influenced me in my life.
They have helped make me
who I am today. They
are my culture. My parents have always
been there for me and
have taught me my
morals and values in life.
They have helped make
me into the person I am
today. In-Laws Our family began
to grow when my sisters found their true loves.
Along with the men came their families and their cultures. Mike's family is Italian. Ara's family is Armenian. My sister Shaunice and Ara
brought into this world a
baby boy named Samual Ariston. My sister Shea and Mike brought
into this a baby boy named
Carter Michael. They have both
filled my heart
with so much joy. I want to not only
teach them what my culture means to me but also teach them of their father's culture. This means that I have to learn different cultures to expand my own. I also was blessed by be
asked to be the Godmother
to my cousin Kasen Thomas. This title that have been asked
of me to hold is something I
take very seriously. I want to help raise Kasen to be the best
he can be. To be there for him
whenever he needs something.
To help him identify his own culture when he is older. God Son Nephews Alpha Phi Alpha Phi was
more then just a
sorority to me. It
was a true sisterhood. I meet wonderful women in Alpha Phi that
I will never forget. We come from different states
and different cultures
but together we grew
and improved ourselves. My Culture My family, In-Laws, and friends have all influenced me and have made me who I am today. I hold strong to my morals and values in everything I do. My culture explains who I am and I plan to share my culture with those I love around me. My children will be influenced by my culture just as I was influenced by my family. Culture gets passed down for generations and I know that my family culture is every strong and will keep getting passed down from generation to generation. Mike Perillo Ara Alikian
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