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Hasty Generalization

Fallacies of Argumentation

Andrew Yeich

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Hasty Generalization

HASTY GENERALIZATION Advertisement Audience Advertisement Fallacies Ad Message The audience for this advertisement is most likely intended to be geared toward parents of children, encouraging them to give their kids trident gum because it is sugar free. The message in this advertizement is chew trident gum- doctors recommend it. A Hasty Generalization is when a speaker draws conclusions from too little evidence. Definition :
X% of all observed A's are B's.

Therefore X% of all A's are B's. This is fallacious because there is not enough evidence to conclude that all X's are A's and B's The fallacy included in this ad is Hasty Generalization. In the commercial, it states that four out of five doctors recommend sugar free gum. They then go on to say that therefore, doctors recommend trident gum. This is fallacious because we don't have enough evidence to conclude that the doctors specifically recomend trident. This message is meant to persuade the audience by encouraging parents to give their kids the gum doctors recompensed. This shows that the audience doesn't really care about the legitimacy of the advertisement, but rather the falsified opinions of medical professionals.
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