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Finding a Job

No description

Lesley Stroot

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Finding a Job

Finding a Job
Who are the different people you
can use to help you find a job?
Hot calls: Calls to people you know or follow-up to applications.
Cold calls: Someone you have had no prior contact.
Before calling, prepare what you are going to say (script) and take notes!
Always get the name of the person you spoke with.

REMEMBER: The call is your first contact with the job MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION!
How do people find jobs?
Types of Networking
Using the people you know to help you find a job.

60-80% of all jobs are found through networking
School Resources
Who at school can help you find a job?
Mrs. Stroot (SBWE; Internships)
Ms. Harris (Career Center)
Guidance Counselors
Newspaper Classified Ads
20% of jobs are found in the classifieds.
Print Advertisements
Use the right websites!
Be leery of “get rich quick” or “work from home”
Always follow-up by researching the company
and visiting it in person.
Direct to Employer
Going directly to the employer and asking for a job.
FIRST IMPRESSION! Make it count!
Dress well, speak clearly, get names of people you have talked to and get a phone number so that you can follow-up.
Staffing Agencies (Public and Private)
Temp Agencies
Employment Agencies
People you know through their business, your business, or a professional organization.

Your doctor, plumber, coworkers, supervisors, customers, colleagues
All the people you know.

Classmates, neighbors, family, friends
People you know because of organizations or
clubs to which you belong.

Members of school clubs, athletics, church, etc.
People you meet by chance.

Store clerk, person on the bus, waiting for an appointment, people you meet at a party
People you communicate with over
the Internet.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Chat Rooms, Online bulletin boards
School Resources
Printed Advertisements
Direct to Employer
Employment Agencies
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