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Disney Project

A Boys Wish

Britan Normine-Caputo

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Disney Project

A Boys Wish... By: Britan Normine-Caputo A Boys Wish... Car Ride! Walt Disney in Nederland- 1951 Journey A Boys Wish...
It All Started With A Mouse...
Car Ride
Family Vacation
Give Kids The World Home We
Go... Family Vacation Walt Disney World Florida Give Kids the World "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing: it was all started by a mouse!"
(Walt Disney) ~THE
END~ What A Wish! It Comes True... Kendahl Alycia Dad Mom !!ME!! 1 Hour
Later... Disney Wild Animal Park THATS OVER 4 HOURS IN A PLANE! Kawasaki Diesease is a rare, often times
fatal virus that l was diagnosed with
when I was 18 months old. I was also
diagnosed with a severe congenital
heart defect called an Accessory
Pathway. After my diagnosis, my sister
Alycia sent my nomination to the
Make A Wish Foundation. The Las
Vegas Chapter sent me a Wish
Grantor to ask me what I wished for.
Every kid accepted is granted one
wish. This is the story of my Wish... The Best Place in the World
What a Wish...
Home We Go... Journey (Con't.) A boy, born on December 13, 1996, was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. He was also born with an accessory pathway in his heart, a congenital heart defect. Prior to his surgery, this boy was very energetic and excited all the time, but he suffered from the side effects of the accessory pathway, which often caused him to be in SVT or supraventricular tachycardia. This made the little boy’s heart beat uncontrollably, with shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid breathing, and dizziness. The boy’s mother was very worried, not knowing what to do. The mother went to Children’s Heart Center where she met Dr. Ian Law, a doctor who studied and specialized in the parts of the heart and the diseases of the heart, particularly Kawasaki. He knew this boy was in trouble, so he told the boy’s mother, “This boy will die if he doesn’t have surgery to correct the defect he was born with.” So the mother and father decided to let their boy have the life-saving surgery. They shouted, “We will let our boy live!” On the morning of the surgery, the little boy and his mother, along with his father, sat in the waiting room. The little boy, not knowing what was going to happen, played happily with the toys. The parents, crying, wondered what would happen if their boy lived beyond the deadly curse that was laid upon him. The Doctor was ready for the little boy but the little boy was scared to go with a stranger. The boy, looking back at his parents, wondered if they knew what was happening. ¡ The boy laid down on the hospital bed and was quietly wheeled down the hall. Behind, the parents are waiting quietly for their boy to return healthy. After a couple of hours, the doctor went to the parents with his hands behind his back. The parents looked up and in agony, both crying, the parents knew that he wouldn’t pull through, but the doctor walked them down to the recovery room. There, they saw a happy, smiling boy. The little boy was glad to see his parents The doctor explained to the parents how the surgery went and how wonderful the boy came out. The doctor excitedly told the parents that they can leave with their little boy tonight! After getting great news, the father leaves and come back with Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. They boy was very excited and was having a wonderful time. Later that morning, a lady came to the parents. The boy, not knowing what could happen when he answered, wondering if that wish could come true, he thought about what he loved everyday and watched every morning and felt over joyed every time. He thought about one thing only that made that exciting little boy…he promptly replied back with, “I would love to see my favorite bear from Bear in the Big Blue House from the Disney Channel!” The lady, grinning with a big smile, replied to him, “Okay, your wish will come true, welcome my little Wish child to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!” The boy was so excited; he couldn’t wait to meet his favorite bear in the whole wide world! About 3 months later, the boy and his family were off to the great state of Florida, where his wish was to meet his favorite bear in Disney World. To begin his amazing wish, he and his family rode in a limousine to the airport, few over 2,731 miles and drove in another limousine to their destination, where they spent 7 days in a house at the resort in Florida called Give Kids the World. Where other kids, who have other illness like or not like the little boy, come to get their wish granted. The little boy was amazed at the residencies there and the entertainment they had. But the one thing the little boy was excited for was Big Bear. On the day of the Big Bear Show, the little boy was placed at the front of the crowd of children. So when the concert began, the boy got really excited and jumped in the air-screaming BEAR!! Bear! And all the other kids joined him as well. Soon, Big Bear came out and was dancing and making all the kids laugh and dance. The Bear grabbed the little boy to join him on stage and danced with him throughout the show. The little boy was happy and had the most memorable time in his life! He felt like nothing else would replace it! Soon after the amazing trip was done the little went back to his home and lived on, growing up and soon to be living life, until he dies, knowing he had his dreams come true.
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