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Tennessee !!!! :)

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on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Tennessee !!!! :)

FunFacts !!!!
1. Tennessee has 5 state songs!
Tennessee !!!! :)
This is where Dr. King died.
Geographic location
The Great smoky Mountains are a big part of Tennessee.
That's what Tennessee is known for. The Great Smoky Mountains are 6,200 feet tall. Also The Great Smoky Mountains is Americas most visited national park and is right in the middle of North Carolina and Tennessee.
Political location
Tennessee's capital is Nashville. That is where Bill Haslam lives Tennessee governor. Bill has been elected governor for four years. At the capital building there are 9 U.S representatives 7: republicans and
2: demarcates. One more thing is Tennessee abbreviation is TN.
Choice location
Economic Location
Tennessee makes their money by growing soybeans, tobacco and cotton. Also miners dig for coal, zinc and limestone. Another way Tennessee makes their money by

tourist. Tourist visit places like

Graceland ( Elvis Presleys house in Memphis, Tennessee) .

Historic Location

On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr was visiting Memphis, Tennessee. While he was there he got shoot and killed outside a Memphis motel. Today the motel is a museum and a memorial for Dr.King.
Our choice location is the ChattanoogaChooChoo. In the beginning it was a train but sadly it doesn't run anymore. The good news is its a hotel. Today you can stay in one of the train cars. Book your stay there today. Also for more information go to Www.Chattanoogachoochoo.com.
Tennessee has reallly good BBQ :)
3. Lily, Nevaeh and Angellina lived in Tennessee!
Our economic location is Arnold Field which is in Halls , Tennessee.
Our historic location is Memphis, Tennessee.
Our geographic location is The Great Smoky Mountains.
Our political location is Nashville, Tennessee.
Tennessee's football team is the Tennessee Titans!
The state motto is " The volunteer state!"
6. The state bird is the Mockingbird!
7. The state tree is the Tulip poplar!
8. The state flower is a Iris!
9. The state animal is a Raccoon!
10. The state horse is a Tennessee Walking Horse
This is Graceland, Tennessee.
This is Arnold Field.
Here's an old mine in Tennessee.
Here's a tour of Graceland!
Here's a memorial for MLK. Jr
The Great Smoky Mountains
Here's the capital building.
Here's downtown Nashville
Here's is the Chattanooga Choo Choo.
Here's outside of the hotel.
Here's the train car you can stay in.
Here's a road map of Tennessee
Here's a weather map of Tennessee
Here's a physical map of Tennessee.
Here's a county map of Tennessee
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