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Murder at Old Fields

No description

Devin Watson

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Murder at Old Fields

The Murder at Old Fields
By: Devin Watson, Nick Haswell, Asakhi Rolle, Abbeygale Wynter

- Henrys fingerprints match to only the hammer

-Alexanders matched to the mony chest and the workshop door

- Antons were lifted from the same hammer and the east room window.

- Mary Anns fingerprint were matched to the ones on the teacup.
Hair Evidence
Crime Report
Suffolk County Coroner, Darling B. Whitney, had reported "Alexander Smith lay with his head away from the fire place. His body was burned up to his 4Th rib. There were wounds on the left side of his head. The skull was fractured at the top" The skull was wounded with a heavy instrument such as hammer brought about the death. No struggle appeared. He was lying on his back before death. He was known for having his feet above the fireplace while sipping tea which would explain the burns.
Rebecca was found at the corner of the fireplace with two wound upon her forehead- one creating a fracture the other a depression. Also found were four wounds upon the upper and posterior part of the head, one creating a depression in the bone. It is assumed that the same weapon was used.
Blood was found in the middle of the floor and spread from other places Mrs. Smith lay. Blood droplets were found spread throughout the house and various footprints wer found. A hammer and a axe were found. which are said to be the weapons.
Blood type analysis
- The two body/ blood pools found were A- and O- which match to Mr and Mrs. Smith.
- Henry and Anton both have B+ blood which match to the blood drops found on the east room window, the east room floor and blood drops on the axe.
- Mary Ann has A- blood (same as Mr. Smith) but, if her alibi is true she hadnt been at the Smith house since Saturday therefore, her blood couldnt have been there.
- Francis blood was not match to any blood evidence.
- Francis and Henrys footprint matches the one found on the front porch.
Henry Bawer-
39 years old, worked as a farmhand veteran who worked for Alexander Smith, cuts were found on his hands.
Anton Geisler
- 24 years old, new farmhand for Mr. Smith, blood was noticed on his knees as well as his ripped pants.
Mary Ann Abbott
- 23 years old, neice and household help to Mr. Smith, she claimed to have left Saturday morning to see her mother and returned Monday morning to work as usual.
Francis Curran
- 45 years old, local peddler who stopped by the Smith farm as a part of his usual rounds on Saturday and Sunday early afternoon.

Background Info
Monday,November 14Th, 1842 in the small town of Old Fields, Long Island a terrible incident took place at the Smith Farm. George Weeks had reported to the farmhouse as he always did until he noticed Alexander Smiths dog far away from the house. Smith and his wife, Rebecca, always kept their dog in the bedroom with them overnight. This raised havoc for weeks, so he went on to look in the front room window to find Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the floor, covered in blood.
DNA matching
-Mr. Smiths DNA matched blood pool A

-Mrs. Smiths DNA matched blood pool K

-Henry had no DNA match

-Antons DNA match the DNA found on the east room window and the east room floor.
- Antons footprint matches both the footprints found near the workshop and the eat room window.
- Alexanders Hair matches the evidence found on the money chest and by the east window.
- Antons hair matches the evidence found on front porch and east room window.
- Henrys hair matches the hair discovered on the front room tea table and front room floor
- Francis hair was matched to the hair on the front porch.
- Also found on the money chest, is what is believed to be dog hair from Smiths dog who slept in their room every night.
Blood splatter analysis
Our investigative team has concluded that Anton Geisler murdered Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Our evidence has closed in on Antons DNA matching all DNA near the east room window and floor which was used to exit after the crime was committed, also we were able to match his DNA on the weapon which was a blunt force object, this matched the hammer and the characteristics of the weapon.
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