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10 Reasons to Move your Contact Center to the Cloud: ICMIDemo

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Richard Dumas

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of 10 Reasons to Move your Contact Center to the Cloud: ICMIDemo

Contact Centers Today: Complicated, Costly & Inflexible
Complicated Technology Stack
Costly to Operate
Build and manage you own data center
*Consumption Economics
Only 14% of enterprise software deployments rated "very successful" by I.T.*
Contact center managers imagined...
More Control
Greater Flexibility
Higher Productivity
Better Connect Rates
Higher Customer Satisfaction
Causing Contact Centers to Move to the Cloud
Reason #1: No Hardware
No hardware, software or infrastructure
Reason #2: Fast Deployment
Deploy in as little as 48 hours
10 Reasons to Move your Contact Center to the Cloud
Why are so many making the move?
*DMG Consulting
Reason #3: Agents Anywhere
Reason #4: Automatic Upgrades
No more messy, expensive upgrades
Example: Citrix
Turned on POC in 2 days
Marc Flaum
Sr. Architect Citrix
Reason #5: Easy Integrations
Easily integrate with other cloud applications
Reason #6: Scale on Demand
Add or remove agent seats & phone lines at any time
Reason #7: Security
Dedicated security teams and best practices
Reason #8: Pay as You Grow
Add or remove seats & phone lines on-demand
Reason #9: One vendor, one easy package
No need to manage multiple vendors
Reason #10: Control your own destiny
Non technical users can set up and manage
Example: NJ 2-1-1
Contact center handled 90,000 calls
Why Five9
Most deployments in the industry
High customer retention rate
Deploy in days
Intuitive interface
Integrations and customizations
True blended CC
More productive agents
Better customer experience
Turn on a dime
Cloud Contact Centers are ALL we do
For more information:
Call us: 800-553-8159
Email us: sales@five9.com
Take all of the risk
Five9 Products
Requires a huge investment
Change on the fly
Pro services help you start quickly
24/7 support keeps you running
Increased productivity w/Click-to-Call
Could add agents seats as needed
Managers able to make changes
Get a full featured contact center
Focus on the contact center, not the hardware
Need only headset, computer & internet
Located anywhere around the world
Improve agent satisfaction & productivity
Gain access to a larger pool of talent
No surprises with product end of life equipment
Get the latest features as soon as they are available
Improve agent productivity
Access customer records
Use call lists stored in CRM
Integrated reporting
Make changes in a matter of hours
No need to guess at peak capacity
No need to purchase unneeded resources
Automated messages for 35,000 calls related to disaster food program
During Hurricane Sandy...
Quickly added staff and outsourced calls
Used IVR to route calls related to health problems
Economies of scale by powering many contact centers
Regular security audits
Operations centers managed 24/7
VPN & MPLS data network connectivity
Geo redundant level 4 data centers
Pay only for agents who are using the system
No up front investment, no risk
Local, long distance, 800 phone numbers bundled
Apps work together as a seamless solution
Single management & reporting interface
No need to rely on I.T. to make changes
No need to rely on vendor or 3rd party services
Disaster recovery
Plan for:
Old technology
Hire an army to maintain it
Multiple Vendors
Agent Desktops
CRM Integration
Workforce Management
and more...

Build a data center
Back ups
Energy costs
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