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dry dessert

david gallaga

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of savannah

these are mountain lions as your can see they are camafloged and hiding by predetors savannah animals this is a squeral monkey leaping 4 life this i dont know what its called but it lives by eating ants THIS are just a few of the savaanh dessert animal most of them rarly have nothing to eat unless you were the king of da dessert lions. the monkeys get eatin first lol DESERT ANIMALS
The female greater earless lizard does not adopt bright colours in the Spring and is well camouflaged against the rocks. yea as you can see some animals you can rely see like this one here u cant rely see nthing but look closely at da strang thing that looks like a log well it is acully a big grasshooper this is rarly strange plant i dont know who they grow cuse of the samall amount of rain they have in them as you can see tese are people in the dessert going to look for water
desert biomes
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