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By Sian

No description


on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of By Sian

Facts about Brazil from Sian!
what they eat!
For breakfast in Brazil is coffee,milk, bread, jam,Sometimes fruit and ham ,with fresh fruit
They also like to eat pizza and big slices of meat
Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks portuguese.
The flag
In 2014 the world cup was held in Brazil however they did not win that world cup
instead it was Germany.
Brazil conduced 10 goals in 14 shorts
conduced on the semi-finals and third place play off game combined.
The city of Brazil
The capital city of Brazil is Brasilia it was inaugurated on April the 22Nd 1960
Brazil is also in South America and is the largest country there.
Did you know facts!
Did you know portuguese is very hard to
learn and it take time to learn it.
As you can see this flag
has a green background
and a yellow kite with a
big blue circle on it.

hello this is Sian
Olaesta e Sian
Did you know
is the 5th most largest country in
the world however it is the largest country in South America.Did you know the population in Brazil 2012 was
194 million people.Did you know the capital city of
Brazil wile the largest city of Brazil is Sao Pablo.
They like having hot food and lost of sandwiches.
The world cup

Thank you for watching my prezi
hope you have
learn a lot!!
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