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Fermi Questions


Tracey Rico

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Fermi Questions

Which is more valuable:
A pile of pennies equaling your weight
or a stack of quarters equaling your height? Created By: Tracey Rico Advanced Math Decision Making * An Average person weights 150 pounds * Assumptions * * Average person is about 5'-5" * 110 pennies equal one pound * 4 Quarters equals an inch *12inch=1 ft * 12inches X 5ft=60 quarters + 5inches=65quarters *4 quarters = 1 inch * 65 Quarters X 5'-5"ft = 357.5 Quarters
357.5 quarters X 25(1 quarter = 25 cents) = 8937.5 Quarters My Prediction for the Question
before research: * I think that the stack of quarters equaling your height would be more valuable then a pile of pennies equaling your weight; because the average weight in my assumption was only 150 lbs. and I calculated 8937.5 Quarters in height for my estimated average height for a average person; which was 5'-5". MONEY! RESEARCH Explanation: RESULTS: CITING PAGE: WWW.classroomtools.com/coin.htm For the person's weight:
#1 multiply 453.59237 ( the # of grams in 1 pd.) by the person's weight.
#2Divide the answer from #1 by the weight of the coins in grams.
#3 Divide the answer from #2 by the # of coins in $1.
#4 Round the answer from #3 to the nearest penny. For the person's height with the coins stacked:
#1 multiply the # of ft. tall by 12, then add the # inches.
#2 multiply the answer from #1 by 25.4( the # of mm in 1 inch).
#3 divide the answer from #2 by the thickness of the coins in mm.
#4 divide the answer from #3 by the # of coins in $1.
Round the answer from #4 to the nearest penny. -According to the chart and information that i found online.I already know it takes 100 pennies to make a dollar and 4 quarters to make the same dollar amount. I found that the total number of pennies, which was 6804 / 100 = 68.04 = $68.04, That that is of greater value, then the total of quarters, which was 236 / 4 = 59 = $59. Which is exactly $9.04 less then the total value of Pennies. So a pile of pennies equaling your weight is of more value. #1 Weight: Pennies
A. 453.59237 X 150=68038.8555
B. 68038.8555/2.5=27215.5422
C. 27215.5422/4=6803.88555
All equals = 6803.88555(estimated value)= 6804 #2 Height: Quarters
A. 5X12 = 60+5 = 65
B. 65X25.4 = 1651
C. 1651/1.75 = 943.4285714
D. 943.4285714/4 = 235.8571429
All equals = 235.8571429(estimated value)= 236
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