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Vietnam History Prezi

Nick is really cool and attractive

Richard Dickson

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of Vietnam History Prezi

Vietnam History
BY: Nick, Isaac, Lane, Damian
The French
The French colonized Vietnam in 1887.
They colonized the part of Asia called Indochina.
They colonized this land for territory, since they were behind in the colonization period.
The French use the land for mining zinc,iron, tin, and other minerals.
What is Indochina?
Pros of colonization
The government was ruled by the French bureaucracy or a government ran by state officials.
They used the abundance of rubber and produced more than 600,000 tons each year.
The people learned French and learn more about liberty and speech.
More rice, more than 4x produced since 1887.
Who else controlled Vietnam? (1940-1945)
How did they gain their independence?
Vietnam had to deal with both France and Japan
After the first Indochina war, France was very weakened.
The Vietminh, kicked out Japan by 1945.
in 1954, the French were outnumbered and surrendered. Later on they called for peace talk (The Geneva Conference).
Cons of Colonization
Many Asian structures were destroyed and were replaced with French style buildings.
Many Vietnamese were relying on subsistence farming.
They were exporting a drug called Opuim.
A lot of monopolies over rice wine, rice, and rubber
The French was demanding resources and with cheap labor.

The term Indochina was used to refer to the body of land south east of India and south of China.
This area contained Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
This area was colonized by the French in the 1800s.
The name Indochina was derived from the mixing of Chinese and Indian cultures.
In 1940, Japan colonized Vietnam, making Vietnam ruled bby 2 countries
Then, in 1941, the Vietminh Declared independence from Japan.
Japan colonized Vietnam so they could tightned the borders, so they can have an advantage over China
Finally, in 1945, Japan let them become independent.

The start of the Vietnam war
The war started because the president of north Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, wanted to reunite north and south Vietnam again.
The plan was put down by the south Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem. President Minh detested this response, because he thought Vietnam benefited from being Whole.
After 1956 Diems army faced opposition from the Vietcong who were Guerrilla tactics fighters, who worked for North Vietnam's army.
Start of the Vietnam war continued
President Diems Army got help and aid from the U.S. army.
But the army was no match for the guerrillas who made a political organization, called the National Liberation Front (NLF)

Who is Ho Chi Minh?

The End of the Vietnam War
The fighting continued inspite of the peace agreement.
This was until the North Vietnamese army launched an offensive in 1975. Also Diems request for US help was denied. His country's resistance collapsed.
North Vietnam's army marched into Saigon on April 30th. This is known as the fall of Saigon, and marked the of the war.
Vietnam was reunified in July, 1976.
He was a communist leader and try to spread communism throughout Asia.
He was the founder of the Vietminh.
He became the "president" of Northern Vietnam after the Gevena Conference.
His forces made it possible to take control of Hanoi (the capital).
He joined communism after WWII
Ho helped found the Indochinese Communist party.
The Viet Cong
The Viet Cong are the guerrilla tactics fighters of North Vietnam.
They use many traps to stop the enemy.
They also built tunnels under ground to get around easier and to confuse the enemy.
They fought to reunite South and North Vietnam
Former Viet Minh leaders formed the Viet Cong
Recruits are young teenagers
Viet cong images
Who are the Vietminh?
The Vietminh were a communist liberation party in Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh (hence the name).
In 1945, they fought for Vietnam's freedom from Japan and flushed them out.
When Vietnam was granted independence after the Geneva conference, Ho Chi Minh became the president of North Vietnam.
Outcome Of The Vietnam War PT.1
Lots of land was bombed, leaving infertile soil.
Lots of people were killed:
2.2 South Vietnamese Civilians
1.1 Million North Vietnamese Soldiers
200,000 South Vietnamese Soldiers
58,000 US Soldiers
Out Come of the Vietnam War PT.2
Returning Veterans recieved negative attention and reactions.
The terrible events in the war lead to many American Veterans getting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)
As much as 15%
To honor and fill pride into Veterans, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was opened and dedicated in 1982.
Agent Orange
Outcome of the Geneva Conference
The Geneva conference was held in 1954 in Geneva, Switzerland
The conference was a meeting to resolve several conflicts in and around Indochina. This includes a war between Vietnam and France
Countries include US, UK, USSR(present day Russia), China, Vietnam, and France
Many countries were afraid that Ho's forces were too strong
As a result, Vietnam were split into two, North and South
Agent Orange was a herbicide that was sprayed on North Vietnam.
Was intended to poison N. Vietnam food supply.
Caused birth defects.
Many American Veterans got health problems such as Cancer.
Vietnam Today
Goverment Type: Communist State
GDP: $512.6 Billion (In US$)
Teach Confucianism in schools.
Still recovering from Vietnam War.
Most people farm.
Economy Of Vietnam PT.1
Agriculture: 18.1%
Industry: 38.5%
Services: 43.4%
Major Export Partners:
US- 20%
China- 10.4%
Japan- 10.3%
South Korea 5%
Challenges faced by Vietnam Today
Blamed for the tranportation and production of illcit drugs.
About 11,000 stateless people.
About 10.5 million people in Vietnam live in poverty.
Economy Of Vietnam PT.2
Tourism is largely responsible for the economy and the beaches of Vietnam provide for this.

Who is Ngo Dinh Diem
Ngo Dinh Diem was the president of south Vietnam during the time of the war
He was born on January 3, 1901 but was assasinated on November 2, 1963.
What is the Domino Theory
He was president from 1955 to 1963.
This theory was believed once a country became communist, the neighboring nations will also become communist especially in Asia. Like a dominoes
This began in the beginning of the Cold War when Ho Chi Minh spread communism throught our Vietnam
He was an anti- communist
Due to his death there was no president for South Vietnam for a few weeks
Vietnam War
U.S. Involvement
In 1961, South Vietnam signed a military and economic aid treaty with the U.S.
In 1962, The U.S. sent in about 180,000 troops into South Vietnam to help fight the Communist North Vietnam
But, even with air and ground support from the U.S. (550,000 troops) The north prevailed
Health care is bad, people must pay for medications and treatment.
There has been an outbreak of the Avian Flu which has killed 64 people and infected over 120.
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